Music: Glenn – Orekelewa


Check out this tune from Glenn. His previous track, Movement, is still buzzing. This one Orekelewa is sure to do the same.

After the success of his previous single “Movement” that rocked the airwaves both home and abroad, Phoenix Entertainment’s contemporary artiste Glenn Mena releases another song. He titles this one “Orekelewa” specially dedicated to the beautiful ladies out there. The beat of “Orekelewa” is a cover from a David Guetta classic. Funny how Glenn repeated that one word almost throughout the song but strikingly found a way of making it sound so interesting by switching his notes as the beat progressed. It is a Techno-house genre but in a cunning way has a danceable feel.




  1. Luv him! Simply luv him. Now I can put a face 2 d dude dat sang dat song I hv bin hearin on d radio. Half a face doe.

  2. I am not much of a techno person. It is a lazy genre where one can say just one word throughout a song and it gets accepted. I won’t say this is a bad one tho.

  3. Honestly I am not surprised. With a voice like that, there is nothing dude cant sing. Heard your freestyle on T-Pain’s Bartender beat. *Thumbs up*

  4. I have been looking for this song. Heard it on BeatFM and didn’t know the singer was on my bbm contact list. See Life.


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