Music: Evaezi – My Superman


As a very talented Nigerian artist, vocalist, music composer and actress amongst other things, EVAEZI has been quite subtle with her involvement in the music industry and though her growing fans have often pleaded and requested more materials from her, EVAEZI has however channelled her musical talents into acting; composing award winning movie soundtracks like Emem Isong’s KNOCKING ON HEAVEN’S DOOR, movies from Denziot Productions owned by Honorable Desmond Elliot amongst others. She has also been actively involved in Stage musicals like MAGIC OF THE MUSICALS where she plays the lead in MASTER OF THE HOUSE; a piece from the award winning LES MISERABLES.

MY SUPERMAN is a deep and beautifully composed RnB song with a touch of hip hop. She writes it as a tribute to “the real, not perfect but good men” all around the world. A great way to appreciate, encourage and cheer them on in the new year.

EVAEZI showers the object of her affection with praises to the point that he is idolized in a poetic and yet realistic way.

The song is composed and performed by EVAEZI and is produced by ECLIPSE; an uber-talented rapper from the stables of Aboriginal Record Label.



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