Music: Estar (Formerly of Resonance) – Otito + Udo



Estar was the voice behind the group Resonance that rocked the airwaves years back with hits like Chinweike, Leelee and some other songs.Keep an eye on her, she’s got a lot in store for us this year. ESTAR is out with Otito and Udo video. Otito means Praise. And this song is a constellation of choruses that all glorify God in one way or another. It might not be the usual genre Estar is known for but she definitely renders this song excellently and in her own very original way. It’s a feel good song. A song that will lift your spirit up. A song that will make you want to dance. And ultimately bring you closer to God Almighty.

Udo on the other hand is a song closer to what we remember Estar for. Udo means peace. Udo video was shot in Germany. A very simple video befitting a song where the lyrics and message of the song count more than any other thing. With the saying, “less is more”, this video allows you focus on the message of the song and with not too much going on it relaxes and soothes you, allowing you to gain a feeling of calm, a feeling of peace.And, we certainly need peace in the world, in Nigeria, in our homes and in our hearts.



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