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If singles are a pointer to what to expect in an album, and I think they are, then “Pray for you” certainly pointed to a beautiful album. And for 4 years I waited for it. Let’s see if “OPEN DOORS” kept the promise.

A Star (produced by Nosa & Eddie Isaacs): This is an impressive start to the album. Beautifully written and masterfully arranged, this song encourages you to find your talent and bless your world with it. Nice production too, I must add, but the real gems in this song are the words. This song raised my expectations for the rest of the album a notch. I love this song!

Always pray for you (Produced by Nosa, Bigfoot (Micworx) & Eddie Isaacs): This is that special song that sold me on Nosa. The production, the lyrics, the song writing, the arrangement, the ambience; excellente. This song is the reason I patiently waited for this album for years. This is a song for today, tomorrow and forever. Nosa is a great singer and this song is easily a classic. “Pray for you” is a profound prayer of love, especially among friends; perfect for farewells. My kids will definitely listen to this song someday.

Why you love me (Produced by Nosa): Nosa acknowledges the Love of God on this sweet, up-tempo highlife beat and no, the songwriting is not any less fantastic. I wasn’t big on this song when it first came out but the words and colourful visuals won me over eventually. This song gets me dancing carelessly. Midway in you get a brief techno and highlife blend and it’s nicely done. I love the bubbly feel of this song and Nosa is truly having fun with it. Great!

No worry (Produced by Nosa): “No worry my brother; things go better. In the end my sister, after rain na sun go shine.” With a chorus like that who can fault this song? On this track, Nosa digs into the Scriptures and offers a word of encouragement to everyone. Using different bible characters to drive home his point; he urges us to trust in The Lord. I drew a lot of strength from his words. The song is written in simple rhymes, and the unassuming beat fits smugly. Listen and be encouraged.

I go stay (Produced by Nosa): “God go answer me before i even open mouth to say in Jesus Name.” The way Nosa seamlessly gets his message across in Pidgin, on this song, is pure genius. This is the ‘real’ Prayer song. This song literally lifts my spirit. Nosa talks about staying in the place of prayer until one prevails, as he believes “the fervent prayer of the righteous must avail!” This is one of my favourite songs off this project. Again, The production syncs nicely with the vocals. I love this song.

Higher (Produced by Nosa): This is a typical Nigerian Church song. Still, Nosa’s genius shines through the seemingly pedestrian lyrics and makes it a beauty. This song has a high sing along value. Good one.

Already done (Produced by Nosa): On this song, is a man showing infinite and unwavering faith in his God. This song sounds like it’s coming from a strong place indeed and the energy is definitely contagious. I love the production of this song. This will make a good Church choir song.

Always on my mind (Produced by Nosa): In the wake of losing my dear friend Zara Gretti, this song has come to have a bigger and deeper meaning to me. This song is as much a classic as “always pray for you” is. The simplicity of the beat and the everyday life realness in the lyrics makes it a song to remember. Nosa delivers the words like he is right next to you. This song is truly beautiful. Vital lines like, “if I seem to fail don’t you blame my heart, blame my head” and “if I tell you say na you I dey think of when you call” (that happens to everyone) makes this song one for all seasons and for everyone. I want to hear this music go places. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!

Vanity (Produced by Nosa): vanity on vanity, all is vanity. “But a man who does God’s will, will spend all his years fulfilled like a tree that is planted by a stream with its leaves forever green.” Nuff said. Lovely production. Very detailed piece of music. The guitar is a splendour to the ears.

Just one encounter (Produced by Nosa): Even after many encounters this song still didn’t werk for me. Really.

Open doors (Produced by Nosa & Micworx): This was going to be my best song off this album but “always on my mind” won’t just leave the spot. This is a pleasant tune with a powerful message drawn from the Scriptures. My favourite line in this song is “God be true and every man a liar”. The subtle reggae groove offers just the right cushion for Nosa to lay his awesome vocals on. The bassline has me humming. This is a good track to name the album after. “God has set before me open doors, He’s given me the keys, so I don’t have to knock on doors.” Beauty!

Undisputed (Produced by Nosa): This song speaks about the incomprehensible power of God and how he provides for us all. Honestly, this song doesn’t hit me in any extra special way. The message does. Good song nonetheless.

God bless Nigeria (Produced by Nosa): This is definitely not the best song about Nigeria that I have heard. For the topic, the lyrics are quite predictable and cliché. The beat is something and it gets richer as the song goes progresses. However, One thing is re-established on this song; Nosa is a super fantastic singer. This is not a favourite but God bless Nigeria still. Amen.

Always on my mind ft M.I (REMIX): A remix? This song is a classic and a remix, this soon, to me is just an absolutely unnecessary abuse of perfection. *plays original*

My Take

In a time when most gospel artistes, so called, keep embarrassing us with half-baked, half-felt, ‘God-songs’ in the name of gospel music, it is quite refreshing to hear gospel music that comes from a strong place and touches on the real essence of God’s word. The “Open Doors” album by Nosa is just BRILLIANT and TRUE Gospel music; as it should be made. Only people who doubt their own paternity will doubt Nosa’s towering Music-making genius after listening to this album. This man was certainly CALLED to do this. Nosa definitely has a whole lot more to offer the industry through his great songwriting and production skills. And If you buy this album and feel it doesn’t live up to my hype, please feel free to call me out on twitter @d_angrymob (for your paternity test).

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