THE MOB’S TAKE: The Ascension By 2face Idibia



Some weeks ago I was privileged to get an invite to 2face’s private album listening party for Ascension. I was only too grateful to honour the event. After the event, I didn’t have a good feeling, but surely, one- frequently interrupted- listen by DJ Willie O wasn’t enough to form an opinion. So as soon as the album was released, I raided the spinlet store. Here’s my take:
Go ft Machel Montano:
Go is Groovy, but overall, rather pedestrian. On this song 2face is gliding away on cliché lyrics and uninspiring rhymes. As usual, I tuned out as soon as I heard “the way you whine”. Such cheesy lyrics are for Kcee and his playgroup. This song did very little to stoke my original excitement about the album. A poor choice for a 2face album opener.

Aproko is a topical song about social media criticism and 2face is not amused. Leriq was good on the production, except that the whole ensemble sounded a tad noisy. All in all, it’s a good song.
Can’t hear you ft Vector:
This beat is banging!!! Nice hiphop tune and Vector did his thing.
The best I can be ft iceberg slim & Rocksteady:
This Is by far my best song off this album. The song is vintage 2face in all his lyrical glory. However, my MVP for this joint is Iceberg Slim. His verse was so good I went in search of his old works. Too dope! He doesn’t wander from the topic and his delivery is perfection. On the other hand, Rocksteady had no business being on this song, his shoddy contribution (freestyle) detracts from the “epicness” of this song.
Let somebody love you ft bridget Kelly:
This is easily the best produced song on the project and was a brilliant choice for a single. Good synergy between both acts. I like!
Kiss of life:
Beautiful song. Weak chorus.
Hate what you do to me:
This is another OK song with an underwhelming chorus.

Confessions ft Rocksteady & Dammy Krane:
I like the retro dancehall vibe of this song. Shout out to Dammy Krane for being the weakest link on the song, I wonder who let that terrible performance slide. Meanwhile, I really want to fall in love with Rocksteady’s part of this song but again, I’m not a fan of unserious (unintelligent freestyle) music. I like to think 2face’s album deserves better than these playful offerings. Just saying.
Close to where you are:
I like this song’s nicely laid out lyrics. On this track 2face sings for the people who are miles apart from their loved ones. Very useful song indeed. I love it!
International loving ft Kim Almarcha:
I don’t know what 2face was trying to achieve with this song, but i think he failed.
Boulay boulay ft shurwayne:
Are you kidding me? next!
Diaspora woman ft Fally ipupa:
I can’t believe this. Next!
This song is just downright prosaic, and beneath 2face, to my mind!
Lesse passé ft Victor Uwaifo:
Why drag a legend into this? This song is too unserious. This song is not good enough for a Tuface album. At best, this idea could have been condensed into a nice skit.
Ife dimma ft Tony Oneweek:
I mean, what serious artiste features Tony Oneweek in this day and era? This is awful.
Not a surprise:
This song is a bad joke and a terrible anti-climax.

The Mob’s Take:
The Ascension in one word? Underwhelming. This album reeks of complacency, mediocrity and a general dip in the level of creativity I have come to expect of a typical Tuface album. The album art/photo, productions, features, songwriting, arrangement, and even mixing are anything but top-notch, and top-notch, is what I expect from 2face. Sadly, on this project, Tuface fails to make the creative leap I was hoping to hear. Ascension, in my estimation, is Tuface’s poorest body of work so far.

Note: The above is my estimation of The Ascension, not 2face. 2face is a LEGEND period. And The Mob’s Take is neither a universal truth nor an expert opinion. It’s just one lonely loner’s personal view, and to be sure, the voice of the MOB, is NOT the voice of God. So feel free to not take my word for it, Cop the album instead.

*Congrats to Tuface on the Ascension’s debut at No 12 on the Billboard World Music Chart. No mean feat at all.



  1. Hmmm. Not sure you understand the project tho. I noticed you wrote of all the song with Zouk or Soca feels to them. Maybe you don’t understand- or like those styles, don’t make them bad songs.

    2. Lesse Passe? Highlife is beneath a Legend who used to sing highlife? Hmm.
    3. Jeje is a sample off of Fela’s “Army Arrangement”. Odd that you think it beneath 2Face.

    I agree with you on the arrangement. But then. You have some parts totally wrong.

  2. Hey u…u aint sure u bought dat album or gues its nt d ascension cd plate z insyd wht u tink dey gave u…yo statistics here are zero…go get a lyf boi…

  3. You analogy of the album is…well on point aside from the Songs with Fally and Shurwayne and Kim. I disagree completely on your that that 2face “failed” in these tracks.These songs have their merits and they are really good(by the standard of the album). Nonetheless, this album is sowing us the very lazy side of the hypertek crew and the captain of the ship 2face. I am still jamming it after all it is 2face Idibia and the songs will grow on me. He is a legend and legends have their off days i guess.

  4. This is the poorest album so far I have listened to from 2face… some tracks are noisy, some good with nice lyrics and the collabo was not okay esp the rock steady part repeating same lines on the fine track..
    2face is a legend but let the truth be told. The album is really a poor one from 2face

  5. if it is the noise by davido or wizkid you will be praising the album to high heaven.We have gotten so used to pangolo music that we talk trash of genuine songs.i love the album.I rep tuface,9ice and Asa.

  6. Mr blogger it’s official you don’t understand the direction of the masterpiece.
    Or you simply have something against Mr idibia.
    This album I play and merely raise a finger to skip a track.
    Is the something wrong with your hearing.
    Please don’t ever critique any music, talkless an entire album.

    Are you kidding me, this I’d arguably 2faces best work yet.

    The standard is so international,and you saw international loving is a weak song? Or boulay boulay and diaspora you have to understand French to recognize a good hit.

    How the f did your blog end up here.

    I hatchtag #Aproko for your damn head.

  7. you are absolutely wrong in most of your judgement.the fact that you dont understand or you are not use to a particular style of music do not make them bad.i agree with you that rocksteady and dammy crane are not suppose to be in that album,it is very obvious that especially rock steady that came out 2 times in the album was said 2face used some dirty lyrics in track 1 (go),have u heard enter the place,i sing before?just to mention a few,those are normal lyrics in hip hop.then the last track in the album that u wrote off is a very beautiful song for the ghetto advicing them to stay away from trouble.judge with more understanding next time

  8. If u hav bin listnin 2 2facez albumz,u’ll undstnd dat it growz on ppl with tym nd hardly fadez…mayb u shud jst kip ur borin lyf critikz 2 urself…2baba is a LEGEND!!!

  9. I just finished reading your review on P square and Asa’s album and I must commend your writing skills. However you did a terrible job reviewing The Ascension.

    The problem with you and other reviewers is that you make your reviews too soon, 1 week is not enough time to study and give judgement to an album trust me because I honestly dint like the album this 1st week i bought it but after listening to it for a month and a half I still don’t like it but I LOVE IT and I bet if you were to review this album again there will be a lot of amendments going on. Lol

    Hate what you do to me an ok song? Seriously Dude.

    N.B Still a fan of THE MOB


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