Mixtape Review: J-Berg – The Big Chill [Mixtape] | Track Pick – The Way You Move + Feel It + Hello Fancy


I must say this. I was one of those that didn’t really have much of an opinion on J-Berg. I had heard one track from him “Wan Test Us” but besides that I hadn’t heard much from this cat and so couldn’t make a call on what I thought of him or his music.

Fast forward to today and I’m listening to his mixtape, The Big Chill and absolutely impressed. Between the productions, to the choice of beats to sample, and the flow and lyrics, J-Berg, along with his team of peeps on this tape, make a major statement.

The mixtape or collection of good music as I would like to call it, starts off with “Change” and as you listen to it, you begin to get an insight on what you’re about to experience with The Big Chill. Unlike what some might expect from a hiphop mixtape, J-Berg goes deep on us and hits on things that you and I can all relate to.He does a great job of opening up himself, and sharing things that you wouldn’t typically hear from many artists these days…. No offense to anyone. Joints like “Feel It” take you into J-Berg’s story of hustling, his ups and downs, his love, and his heart breaks.

Not to get it twisted though, it’s not all sober stuff as he does go in with joints like “Feel Good Music,” “Get Back,” featuring Skales & Ms. Chief “You Don’t Know”, “P.S.A” featuring Loose Kaynon, and “Reverse Beauty”, where KidKonnect straight up laced up a hot beat. The punch lines flow in excess, and the flow is straight up pretty.

*** I piss on the building u’re in (urine)***

For the folks that want to a gbedu jam that you dance to, you have “The Way U Move” featuring Emmsong. Now this can definitely make for a heavy party jam. You can  say the mixtape really has something for everyone.

The only draw back I would say in this mixtape will be that I would’ve preferred a little less features and a bit more J-Berg, but if you were to ask me who to cut out, I couldn’t even tell you cos everyone brought it. Zee & Ms. Chief might be some Femcees to look out for on the real. Also there was a track or 2 that could’ve been X-ed from the final cut, not cause they weren’t good, but I felt they weren’t good enough. My opinion.

All in all, for a debut mixtape, J-Berg definitely did his thing, and definite impressed a lot of people I’m sure…including myself. I wont put this in the category of mixtapes I consider “only for hip-hop heads.” I consider this good music, and good music will always stay on my ipod no matter the genre. Most definitely recommended…. You wont get much free music this good.

Grade: 8/10


Track Listen:

*** The Way You Move ft. EmmSong

[audio:02 The Way U Move Ft. Emmsong.mp3]

***Feel It

[audio:18 Feel it.mp3]

*** Hello Fancy

[audio:14 Hello Fancy (Freestyle).mp3]



  1. I think, in a way, the fact that he had so may features was a good thing because u heard a direct comparison between him and several other rappers, not saying he killed ’em or. Anythg, they came hard, but we all got to hear just how totally different he is from any other Nigerian rapper out right now Ànd just how much life he breathes into the Nigerian music scene as a whole, let’s hope this is just the beginning!


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