M.I. – Somebody Wants To Die (Feat. Ice Prince) | Beef with IceBerg Slim?


MI Abaga
MI Abaga

MI Abaga is back again with his hot new single “Somebody Wants To Die” featuring record label mate Ice Prince.Mr. Incredible is currently working on his second official album, MI2, that is set to be released later this year.

Those familiar with what’s going on in the Naija rap scene, must’ve heard that this song is a possible reply to IceBerg’s slim supposed jab at MI with his song “Mr. International” where he said, “Am I, better than MI, I don’t know, Am I? Matter of fact you should ask MI.” That apparently didn’t sit too well with MI, and that’s why we have this song.

Less than 48 hrs after the release of MI’s “Somebody Want To Die”, IceBerg Slim released “Assassination” and sources quote that his facebook status at the time of the release read “…figures since ‘Somebody Wants To Die’, I’ll be responsible for the ‘Assassination’ …let the countdown begin…(I told em it would be a M.I.stake, but they didn’t listen).

I think that pretty much makes it official. Listen and judge for yourself.

Here are the tracks in the order in which they were released.

Shout out to NotJustOk.com for MI’s track.

IceBerg Slim – Mr. International


M.I. – Somebody Wants To Die


IceBerg Slim – Assassination



  1. I think they both match up well enough….i'm crazy about both of thier lyrics…lets see who will die…..Itz ON….shiiit!!

  2. hmmmm….well let's watch and listen…..ice berg gat the lyrics but he's not famous….MI has the publicity and the lines in his mouth…………..i just want to listen to more of thier flow..then we can judge but as at now…they both hit it well

  3. Beef?!!!..All this is just a replay of age-old strategy to boost sales and revenue for both entertainers!!!….They should expend energy and talk about real stuff going on in Nigeria and Africa. This narcisistic orgy of "Who is better?"….I should release my own NaijaPsycho single entitled "Who cares, and how does that change the price of moi moi"

    Just entertain us period.

    • LMAO!!!! yup..i think its just a marketing strategy but I cant knock their hustle…I think all of us would do the same thing if we were in the same position.

      Truth is MI is the shit. FINISH! no ifs, buts, or ands! This Iceberg dude should attempt to step up and obtain real credibility by himself instead of creating false controversy. In the meantime, MI needs to stop collaborating with all these fake ass wanna-artists…its spoiling his own cred…hissssssssssss!

  4. Iceberg slim needs to know that he is in naija not America, this is a terrible way of going about things especially if the person you are going after is way better than you, M.I is the boss at this shyt, his delivery alone kills Iceberg without even lyrics, then his metaphors are awesome, Iceberg you need to pick another line to go in to make money or become famous, Rap aint for you

  5. iceberg slim u SUCK…..

    M.I is the best shit that happened to hip hop

    iceberg ur delivery doesnt match up to m.i's

    lyrics, metaphors, similes doesnt match up to M.I


  6. Iceberg or what is ur name,MI is way better than u so if u are looking for someone to beef i think u should go find ur mate cos i don't think u will be able to handle the MR INCREDIBLE(M HIGHER) and this is not america na naija

  7. I think these young men are both lyrically talented. The back and forth, embedded name calling in their lyrics is exactly the way hiphop music plays out these days. Keeping it very interesting…which is obviously why anybody would even care to comment on this. Its only beef if media makes it out to be one. Just listen to these artists dialogue (cos thats what it is) and be happy. Its Hiphop.

  8. is there even any room for comparison? firstly iceberg's name aint even original….and he is absolutely average…..I think M.I. should just ignore this very lame dude!!!!

  9. iceberg slim is a big fool and has no respect 4 his father in music..M.I is the best..i think MI should ignore him,,MI is not on his level

  10. just listen to iceberg assasination. it's tight i must say. it's just dat ppl are deefing him cos he's dissing MI. His track remind me of eminem track bagpipe from bagdad and the warning. we really need flows like this in our music industry.

  11. he came he saw he conquer that is the main thing iceberg need to know about MI he is not the best we are just who is better because you cannot compare Nigeria rap and American things, when you are in America you act like an American and when you are in Nigeria you act like a matured person, cos we are all matured here in Nigeria so don't mess around with the warrior.

  12. but seriously..compare the two tracks and be honest..Somebody Wants To Die is clearly a classic..it's more infectious than IceBerg's Assasination..it's more forceful..more threatening..and listening to it you can tell that some time and thought were put into it than Iceberg's hastily put out Assasination..I think Iceberg should have called his track suicide..because he hasn't assasinated anyone apart from himself maybe..

  13. Iceberg slim is a big fool! MI is the lyrical assassin, he can rep us anywhere, anytime. If someone wants to die it's iceberg slim. He's just scared.

  14. MI better than MI (mr incredible), i dont know…am i..maybe u should ask MI…. Yes i asked MI and he said his better than MI (mr. international..). okoko.

  15. I think MI is a lil bit wack but good at times he use some rymes that doesnt make sense lik Cardiac Arrest …stuffs like dat..

  16. MI has proved himself let this other guy do the same and let see but mean while he can buy MI's CD and rock it with his mama

  17. M.I is d Evolution of d Revolution…….. Well known,prooven nd JOS-tified to d core……. Iceberg, Parkkkk jor…we nor know u… Agbaya

  18. Mi is the best of all, hey u ice fucking berg shot yor trap no body no u make u

    come back to niger before them go depot u stupid boy

  19. I must confess, iceberg's am i beta than Mi is tight…that guy is realy internatnal..i must say mi is just a local artist bt im feelin him

  20. no need to yarn dust for inside studio, both m.i and ice berg should take their guns out and just shoot themselves to the morgue. beef isn't rapping on mics, just get on the streets and show us your versatility. ice berg is not even close to m.i based on m.i past works. increase the piece(peace).

  21. i dunno much bout dis iceberg slim guy

    mayb he usin mi for publicity.

    i mean..no ones bettr dan mi

    nobody in afrika to me..

    hes gt about 13 awards includin 2 MAMAs

    and d best selling rap album of all time..

    theres no way.

  22. Mi is d hottest rapper alive in naija so to hell with iceberg slim coz SOMEBODY WANTS TO DIE and he is really gonna die 4 sure….DEY CALL ME MI ABAGA




  23. GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Naijay or whatever your fucking name is. I fink u should go get lectured bout the whole hip-hop fin. Even if u av dz crazy beef or wateva for our beloved naija dude(JUDE),i fink u should keep it to ur damned self or beta still go cast aspersions publicly (MR INTERNATIONAL!!!) Here is a good tip…………………………………………………………… Go dine wiv ur fucking ass,cuz i dnt know how their beef is affecting you…… SCREW YOU HARD………… DON'T F WIV ME CUZ IT ISN'T SAFE SEX……..

  24. am sorry mehn but M.I killed that muthafuka and if u pass me a mic i beg i will kill him too….you know y cus dat nigga is wack as fuck……….

  25. LET'S TALK ABOUT IT… m.i(international) seems 2 b d MR BIGGS DUDE nd our only M.I(INCREDIBLE) da OIL RIG DUDE.guy where d comparison.iceberg i beg 'go BO…OIL STONE' joor…


  27. yes i do eat beef but right now i'm fasting

    u don't want it any way why u asking

    niggaz want drama i'm gon holla when am casting

    i'm evergreen everready everlasting.

    iceberg slim is shit…

    m.i is the ish…

  28. MR INCREDIBLE , is d best thing that has ever happened to naija hiphop so iceberg-slim should find something better to with his life, i can bet my life that i rap better than he does and so if he tries

    stroking MI again, it simply means that he does not want to sell any records in naija cos naija boys

    and girlz love MI and any hater of MI is a hater of nigeria and if at all he releases an album,

    nobody will buy , his family members will not buy , no living soul home and abroad will buy

    not even the dead will but his album………………………….. BIG UPS TO EM-I , MORE GREASE TO


  29. from me to DA FOOL IceBerg:ICEBeRG SHITbERG..SHOW SOME RESPECt OR gO FUCK yOUR self Dick Head…MI….is The ish YOu is just a rilly stupid issue..

  30. Hahahaha…Fuck,y'all!Iceberg flows better tham M.I,so all haterz back off!Fuck M.I!Iceberg-M.r International.

  31. Is gravy crazy dat u guyz dnt knw dat Iceberg slim’s flow is tite n blazy. M.1 is lazy,weak flowz n lyrically low. Iceberg is more like his name, His is 2 hot,costly n more cherishd 2 b wack. EVEn d so calld M.I himself kwns dat he waz soon about 2 die so! Bastard fanz of M.i who knw nofin abt ryhmez n lyrics so jst close dat pit u call mouth. IMAGINE! ‘yes I do eat beef bt rit nw I am fastin’ is dia lyrics or metaphology in dis line? Absolute nonsense way d make sense, no money no food datz Y he is on hunger strike A.K.A fastin. ICEBERG FLOW WIT LAYLOW HOW IT GOES….mumu go n buy or beta stil download n see techicality,orinality, acceptablity n durabity. ICEBERG ‘s CONCEPT WAY D MAKE SENSE and Nt m.i’s nonsense way d make sense. Put Iceberg slim on any jam I swear wit u bastardz, d dude gon sluther it. ICEBERG SLIM mr international
    u d main dude, real rap crew,shoutout 2 real rap. 1 luv!!!

  32. Hey!!MI killed ice berg at the MAMA award night u FOOLS.MI IS D BEST EVER BABY,he’s a combination of kanye n lil wayne.CAN U DIG IT SUCKERS!!!

  33. the only ICE that i know,is
    all other ICES are crabs.
    Kudos to M.I ABAGA
    they cant do you nothing
    as rap is concern in 9ja
    choc boyz then others follow

  34. M.i,is my brada no oda abaga,back in j-town,no oda baga,can break-pass nigeria,al in d name of grammer,but abaga has done dat,judge rite,9ja.imperfect me.

  35. I’m Sorry I Get Dis Late,buh’ I Have To Contribute Sha.
    I Can See Some Lame Dudes Commenting Dat Iceberg Is Beta Dan M.I. Dats Suicide Bro,I Swear Iceberg Was Just Dissing M.I So He Can Get Fame In Naija Industry then And Dat Shows The Coward In Him.

    Allota Dawgs Are Here On Street Finding A Way Or Another To Blow, The Fool Is There Talking No-Sense.

    Flows/Delievery-M.I is The Shit,Lame Iceberg Shud Get His Feet Up And ‘Work’ On Dat.
    Metals-M.I Will Murder The Fool Anyday
    Wordplay-M.I Still Got Dat! I Doubt If D Fool Even Knw Wat Dat Mean.
    Beneath-Us Lyk Rafa. liverpool ex-coach. Dats ain’t outstanding tho buh’ it still beta dan all in Iceberg track plus dat line was d weakest wordie in dat M.I dat

    Rhymes/multies:Give dat to M.I Anyday.

    Punchlines:Dats Sick! Both Emcees Neva Impress Me On This.
    Personal:Iceberg Got This,dats b’cos he bounce off M.I’s line ‘i do eat beef buh’ right now am fasting’ ICeberg Line: No Money No Food Dats Why He Is On Hunger Strike..dats Not a Hit Line Tho….smh! For these 9ja artistes oo.
    Punches:none Interest me atall.
    MVGT: M.I Abaga
    Conclusion: M.I is just beta dan dis dude Anyone who think M.I Is wack probably neva listen to his mixtapes..
    Iceberg Is Not In M.I’s League, The Dude Is Too Dumb To Be!
    I swear Reminisce Is Even Better Dan Him.
    Grow up Kid And Stop talking shits like Deaf People..
    I wonder who nominate U For ‘Lyrics On The Roll’ For The Headies Sef,Ur track wit Banky Is Weak Bro,neva deserve a complinent.


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