Meaku – Liberian Girl

Meaku Liberian girl

On July 26th, Liberia’s 169th year of independence, Meaku sat in his Los Angeles based studio and decided to put together an ode to Liberia women based on Michael Jackson ‘s “Liberian Girl.” Meaku cites many artists as inspiration including the late great Michael Jackson. “Liberian Girl” is sure to be a new flag waving anthem for Liberians. Meaku also uses symbolism and refers to the woman in the song but is also speaking to Liberia the country, encouraging the nation and acknowledging that Africa can not do it without them. African unity is important with the artist and he is proud of Liberia’s achievements and historical significance within the black diaspora. Liberia is the continents’ oldest republic and is currently headed by the continent’s first female president. Liberian women are known to be both strong and beautiful.

The beat echoes some of the flavor interwoven in the musical track of Jackson’s hit “Liberian Girl” with a more modern twist. Afrobeat and Michael Jackson fans alike are sure to enjoy Meaku‘s newest tune. The song is released during the Independence celebration week for Liberia. He has also left a music break in the song so one can just enjoy the musicality of the beat. It also allows the opportunity for Liberian artists to jump onto the track and add a verse in the true spirit of artistic collaboration.

Liberian Girl” celebrates Liberian women and is beautifully crafted from start to finish with a multi layered traditional African inspired aesthetic. As the song says “How does it feel to be queen of the world Miss Liberia? I can’t do this without you“. Africa is a team and Liberia is a key player. One does not have to be of Liberian descent to appreciate the beauty of the song. Themes of love, respect, and admiration are universal. Request “Liberian Girl” from your favorite DJ or local radio station.



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