Maye Hunta – Ekaette (Video)


One word abi acronym to describe this video. LWKMD! Maye Hunta did his thing on this song… The song is pretty much narrating the story of a married man sleeping with the house girl, which is a pretty popular trend in Naija. Where my calabar babes at?…lol.



  1. Respect yourself mr jaguda with the calabar babes ish oo!! We will vex o!!! I love the song though!!!!! Very catchy!

  2. it's sad that this is now the rule rather than the exception with our generation. It starts with young men sleeping with anything that walks, cheating on their girlfriends and eventually carrying that unfaithful trait into marriage. And like typical cheaters, they try to justify their disgusting actions by blaming the wife…if only she didn't work late, or if only she had a job…if only she could cook, or if only she didnt do too much house work… It's always the wife's fault one way another. It would be many times better if he sang instead "I am a skank jerk who has the morals of a dog and could not keep my P***** in my pants and since I have no class and will happily dip my cookie in anything that walks, I went and had sex with my housegirl, I am disgusting." That would make a nicer song if you asked me!

  3. am somehow addicted to this song that i dance to it anytime it comes on.

    good vibe men luv it give us more XXX ireland……

  4. This song is good and insightful. The bottom line is this, and this goes especially to the so-called madamopinion and to all the many disillusioned women out there. It is unnatural for a man to be sexually attracted and active with one woman for the rest of his life. In the animal kingdom, other than the bald eagle, the vole and a few other creatures to name but a few, every other animal is polygamous and that includes the human-race. So it is nonsensical to suggest that because a man sleeps around he is a jerk. How else do you think the human race survived and thrived? It wasn’t by being monogamous. Women should be grateful that at least they had some memorable moments with the man who is now playing the field elsewhere. If you want to keep your man’s eyes from straying, then you have to employ your feminine wiles to the best of your ability. And with that I mean, looking your best at all times. Being his best friend, Not NAGGING! Stay out of the fridge and get your fat ASS to the gym. And never get predictable and boring – this also applies to men.

    I for one, I am sick and tired of hearing men apologizing just because they succumbed to the charms of a beautiful woman. Man up and say: “Yes I did it because I was attracted to her.” Period! If the woman doesn’t like it, show her the door. There would always be many other women waiting in line to enter. So let’s all stop deluded ourselves. The reason we always hear and read about so-called “infidelities” is because of man’s STUPID self-imposed rule of one man to one woman – utter idiocy. Is it any surprise that King Solomon is known as the wisest King that ever lived! How many wives did he have? Last but not least, to call a man a dog is counterintuitive – dogs are loyal. So why don’t you go bark up another tree.

  5. I love that video and the message too…Its a bitter truth of Nigerian married men's way of life. They have no business banning it! Shameless Law makers! Guilty conscience definitely played a part in this.

    They should be banning the "Ikebe na money" music video instead.


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