Light Up Nigeria… Join The Movement

Light Up Nigeria
Light Up Nigeria

A lot of Nigerians have never seen constant uninterrupted power supply in their lifetime, and this is a very sad reality. Nigeria is the 7th largest oil producing nation in the world but we are currently struggling to generate 1000 MW of electricity and this number is declining each year. We all complain about this but little has been done to correct this. A group of folks have started a movement called “Light Up Nigeria,” so join the movement and spread the word. I personally don’t know them but I fully support their initiative.

Energy is the engine that drives industrialization, which improves communication, helps innovation in science and Technology, provides sound healthcare delivery system and improves citizens’ standard of living. Since energy is the engine that drives industrialization, a sound energy policy would indirectly create jobs even in unexpected sectors.

We should all try to do something to correct this sad situation and it starts with saying “enough is enough.” Stop accepting NEPA/PHCN as it is and speak up. If something is not done soon, everything in Nigeria would operated by Generators… if that’s not the case already. By the way, Ghana just celebrated 5 years of uninterrupted power supply. Can you believe that?

For more info on “Light Up Nigeria” join them on facebook, on twitter, or via their website

Check out AK48’s song “Light Up Naija” dedicated to the movement. Also check out our previous article on Nigeria’s Power Crisis.



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