Leak: Kahli Abdu & KidKonnect – Little Brother


So I’ve had this song since last year and I was given this joint in confidence but somehow somehow something entered me and told me to leak it out. It might be the final version, or it might not be but it’s certainly hot.

This is straight out of the yet to be released Bandits Album by Kid Konnect & Kahli Abdu. Kahli Abdu in this joint opens up about his relationship with MI Abaga in classic style, and really airs the laundry out…. both the good and the bad… Pretty much the real deal, and how much respect he has for MI despite natural disputes that “siblings” are bound to have.

I love the song, and you will too. Especially if you’ve heard Kanye’s Big Brother (Tribute to Jay Z).

This makes me excited about Bandits, and I’m so expecting it to be all kinds of heavy.

In similar news look out for Kahli Abdu on Illegal Music 2… I’ve heard part of that joint and it’s heavy. *sigh*… If only we could post everything.




  1. Khali iz one of dose few acts in 9ja dat gets me goin weneva I wanna enjoy reaL lyricism, I respekt him a lot & hope oda cats will too. Nice work Big bro, true talk from one of ur numerous lil brothers. LoL

  2. Kahli never disappoints and I’d go with tolu,well I won’t expect non hip hop heads 2 feel this joint. Way to go mighty slim

  3. Cocaine!! Dey always come correct when they have something to say. Delivery was top notch, the best iv heard from Khali. Wonder what he’s up to and also where one can get his hands on the ‘No one curse’ joint.

    But thanks, a mili for leaking this joint dou, you just gave hip hop a mouth2mouth and helped iτ̣̣̥​ live again


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