Kelly Handsome Apologizes to Kennis Music



Not entirely sure how all this happened, but Kelly Hansome, who has placed several allegations on the doorsteps of Kennis music, is all of a sudden flipping the script.

Sources at the label reveal that an apologetic Kelly is making desperate moves to reconcile with Kennis Music bosses Keke and D 1

On Tuesday, a post on Kelly’s Facebook status read, ‘with respect to our new understanding, I, Kelly Hansome, sincerely apologise to Kennis music and Primetime and Mr Kenny Ogungbe aka Baba Keke for any comment, write up, publication or interview by me, directly or indirectly, that may have shown disrespect or put a hole on their reputation and respectable status…’

Kennis Music CEO, Kenny Ogungbe is yet to make an official statement.

A source at the label however said representatives of both parties have been meeting, and that Kelly is hoping to renew his ties with the label.

In the past months, Kennis had taken a lot of shots at Major Music Industry personalities, including MI, Don Jazzy, Wande Coal, Terry G, Dbanj, 2shotz, and of course Kennis Music, his former (or soon be to again) label. With recent developments, you can say this has been a very interesting turn of events.

Kelly Handsome’s album, “Names of Noise Makers” should be dropping soon.

Apology Letter Below:



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  2. This is rubbish…the lyrics handicap so u can make an apology…..idiot u better take my first advice there is money in first grade (okirika)u better go into it…..IDIOT

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