New Video: Kefee, Omotola, Eva, Uti, Skales, Terry Tha Rapman, Eedris, Jodie, Eben, Splash, Zeal – Let Peace Grow


An all-star cast for peace collectively called Nigerian Artists For Peace. The cast features Kefee, Omotola, Eva, Uti, Skales, Terry Tha Rapman, Eedris, Jodie, Eben, Splash, Zeal and many more.

It’s no secret that over the past decade we’ve seen a ridiculous amount ethnic and political clashes through out the country. Time to really get something done about it.

The death toll in the trouble spots of Nigeria is alarming and like a virus, it slowly and steadily sips into the other parts of Nigeria. We shook our heads and gave off a little ?Eeyah? every now and then whenever we heard of the babies, young graduates and married couples dismembered and slaughtered, laying in a pool of their own blood.

Some of us resigned ourselves to our lofty beliefs that it was in a far away country this devastation occurred. That was until they felt their blood spill onto those troubled sands… when they lost a husband, a brother, a daughter, a dear friend… …to what is nothing more than… …a MINDLESS WAR!!!

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  1. this is noise… if you wanna do something for jos, then do it properly, and don't accumulate stars that would make noise in the studio…. good concept… bad delivery….

    • What you just listened to is a MESSAGE, it is a PLEA, you may call it a positive ADVISE but do not mistake it for entertainment. These guys have succeeded in passing a PEACE MESSAGE to everyone the very way they know how – SINGING. Listen to the lyrics, digest it, step back for a moment and see the big picture. You might be a businessman, but if you look properly, what you just listened to and watched was not intended for monetary gain. Big up!


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