Kahli Abdu Presents “Band Of Rebels” [The Mixtape]


As a prelude to a brief hiatus while he works on a number of upcoming projects, Kahli Abdu is set to release a new mixtape, “Band Of Rebels”
As Kahli’s final mixtape before he embarks on his “LEGEND EP”, a joint “Bandits EP” follow up project with legendary producer Kid Konnect and his official full length album, more details of which would be provided shortly.

The Band Of Rebels” project is a lush selection of carefully curated songs featuring Lindsey, Poe, X.O Senavoe, Geniuz, Young Black and Ruby, with production from Kid Konnect, Maytricks, Charlie X, KruttyRanks, Jessie Jags, M.I., and Kahli Abdu himself made up of a number of tracks from the recently concluded rebel friday season 2 and never before heard gems that he had worked on before and during the season.



  1. Hahahha @ ctrll … Tanks oh… Sum pple tink dat just cos dey commented first means dey downloaded first… Lmao!


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