Jesse Jagz Drops Jag Of All Trades Album | Chocolate feat. Muna & Intoxicated feat. Wizkid


Jesse Jaga Jaga has dropped his much anticipated album, and we’ve had the opportunity to get a listen and I must say that the album is solid. Album features Muna, Wizkid, Iceprince, Lindsey (from loopy records), Jago amongst others. Jesse Jagz has been in the game for while and got most of his fame after he produced MI’s classic album, Talk About It. He is now set to become his own artist and show his talent on the front scene. Show support for Chocolate City’s ambassador and go cop the album. Should be online soon too. Check out track Chocolate feat. Muna & Intoxicated feat. Wizkid

*** Chocolate feat. Muna***


***Intoxicated feat. Wizkid****



  1. WOW!!, i've been blown away! The album is hot,im lo ving it with every listen,well i aint suprised considering dis dude's rapping,singing and production skillz.! Good work jesse!! M.i did it,now jesse has done it,ice prince na ur turn o!!

  2. Intoxicated is so frigging DOPE!! I've been whining nonstop!! BABY NA NONSTOP!!! Wish it were longerrrrrrrr!!!

    Make Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid suffri with my brain oh!! Otherwise we go enta! LOL. Really feeling the vocals coupled with Jesse's swag and fab production!

    I say nwanyo nwanyo!! EH! *twist* *twist* *rotate* *rotate* Oya! *dance kelebe!*


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