Introducing #the11DaysOfEvaAlordiah, the Video Series that would take us on a Journey with Eva Alordiah 11 Days at a Time



To kick off the countdown to the release of my Debut album 1960, which Lord knows is long over due, I am going to be sharing with you a video series on my Life, ‘The 11 Days of Eva Alordiah’.

the show is quite simple really. Each season spans 11 Days of my Life and for 11Days I would be sharing myself doing one thing. To kick off the first season of the show is “11 Performances of Eva Alordiah” #Before1960.

I know so many of you have been requesting that I come perform in your cities, and trust me, I hear you. Infact right now as we prepare to go on Tour, I am Listening to you! On my Instagram yesterday, I did ask, “What’s your City? Do you want me to come perform? What song would you like to watch me do? And the responses are filled with Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu and Kano! This is exciting as it reveals what cities have a good pack of my fans. So let me know in comments below where you are and if you would like for us to list your city on the #1960TOUR kicking off in a month.

Finally! The album is here guys. In 11 Days. For now, please enjoy the First performance from #11PerformancesOfEvaAlordiah Before 1960.

This is me performing the Live version of SHUGA at Industry Nite Live in Lagos,on AUG 10th 2016. Tell me what you like about it



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