Hottest 7 Nigerian Artistes Without An Album


The success of several artistes in the Nigerian contemporary music scene of recent has proven time and again that an artiste does not need to have an album to his name before he/she “blows”.

We have seen singers and rappers ride on the “rep” only one successful single or even a feature on someone else’s song has given them for up to 2 years before they eventually release an album or sometimes even move into obscurity- The so called “One Hit Wonders”- but that will be a topic for another day.

Today we bring to your reading pleasure a list of 7 hot household names on the Nigerian music scene that are yet to have an album to their names.

7. May D

The Square Records act first hit our eardrums on P-Square’s massive hit single “chop my money” which he featured on and a host of other songs which he either featured on or provided backup vocals to on P-Square’s Invasion album, then came his first single, “soundtrack” which has enjoyed heavy rotation on radio stations and which also has a befittingly “hot” video. May D has gone from “grass to grace” within a short time in the industry and the future looks bright for him as his second single “ile ijo” too is doing very well.

6. Yung6ix

The self-acclaimed and recently MI certified “King of the South” has a mix tape and a number of singles to his credit but no album to show for his sojourn in the Nigerian Music Industry yet. It also seems unlikely that 2012 will be the year for his debut album as there is no word or sign of it but who knows, the storm records artiste can decide to surprise us, after all, isn’t that what Kings do?

5. D’Prince

Say what you will about his style of music, “Omo-oba” has had a very visible presence in the Industry for the past 3 years now but somehow we still haven’t seen an album from him. It remains to be seen how much the recent breakup of his record label, Mo’Hits Records, will affect his career but with ace producer and brother, Don Jazzy by his side, it doesn’t seem like things will go amiss. It’s still a jonzing world………..

4. Brymo

A monster hit song like “Oleku” was the best kick-off to a career anyone could get, and Brymo rode that tide of fame alongside Ice Prince with some critics even insisting that he made the song what it is. The success of “Oleku” in 2010 earned him features on a plethora of other songs and he has even become known as a Chorus/Hook Master. Providence was however not yet through with Brymo as his first single on the Chocolate City imprint “Ara/Wonders” also became a massive hit. He has subsequently followed up with another single “Good morning” and 2012 doesn’t seem to be too unlikey to be the year we will see Brymo’s first album.

3. Skales

EME’s rapper cum singer has been all manner of hot since we first heard his name about 2 years ago but still “S to da K” doesn’t have an album out yet. Anyone who has been a fan of his music will know that the amount of freestyles and features he has had on songs of other artistes is enough to fill an album on its own. We may see an album from Skales in 2012 but it seems he is also working on a collaboration album with label mates, Wizkid and Banky W. Details of whether that will delay his own album remains shady but even without an album, Skales stays making good music.

2. Tiwa Savage

She literally came out of nowhere with “Kele Kele” in 2010 and was a breath of fresh air in an industry that was and is still to some extent lacking in truly talented divas. Her 2 subsequent singles “Love me” and “Without my heart” on which she managed to feature Don Jazzy who rarely collaborates with artistes outside his record label, have also been very well received. An album from Tiwa Savage anytime will certainly be received with a lot of ovation.

1. Davido

Just hearing the first 5 seconds of the super-mega-monster hit single, “Damiduro” has been known to drive people into a wild and crazy frenzy in clubs and live shows, that’s how “baaadt” Davido is right now. After self-producing the hit single, “Back when”, those who thought Davido was just a flash in the pan were stunned by “Damiduro” which the multi-talented artiste also produced himself. When one considers the fact that Davido has only 3 singles to his credit, the level of his success is truly astonishing and from all indications, his fortunes don’t seem like dwindling anytime soon.

Why not 10?

Resisting the urge to include 2 or 3 more names to round off the list wasn’t easy but populating the list with every artiste with one or two fairly successful songs isn’t the general idea so we chose to stick to the main focus of this piece which is to bring to the fore front artistes who have become so popular that it is surprising to recall that they don’t yet have an album.

Artistes who could compete for the last 3 slots if this list had been up to 10 are Serengeti Music’s Lamba King- Hakym, Flowssick whose hit single “lowkey” has received massive airplay on radio and TV, Waje, Hypertek’s Dammy Krane, Eva and Muna.

Keep supporting Nigerian music.

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  1. You’ve gotten it wrong oo! Brymo, D’prince and Tiwa Savage has gotten an Album before now!

    Try google am weller and dont give us false info and impression.

    Brymo as a self title Albumm with Hit track Fata s’omi.

    Omo-oba with Jonzing world with a whole lotta hit track

    Tiwa savage…… ………..An assignment for you!

  2. Wtf???? Y shld Brymo be no4 and Skales no3?????? Infact dis is bullshit, it shld be davido,brymo,mayD den d rest can fit somewhere else….

  3. abeg re you not aware dat brymo have dropped an album before choc city signed him??he aint supposed to be on this list

  4. Wonderful write up but you got it all wrong when you said Davido produced “dami duro” himself. The track Mr writer, was produced by a guy called “Shizzi”.

  5. after reading the May D bit, i instantly knew dis person doesn't knw what he/she is chattin. next time do ur research. MayD released soundtrack b4 chop my money came out. moreover he was in Kel's Too Fine video, he featured on d song. this was yrs back.

  6. Alotta info here are wrong, Brymo, Omoba and Tiwa all have an album to their credit.. Go and research again. MayD made a monster appearance in SDC hit song “Farabale” before chop my money came into existence. Davido co-produced Dami duro with Shizzi.

  7. Brymo has an album, D’Prince has an album and I don’t agree to ur Skales’ “rapper cum singer” description. He still raps and will continue to.


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