Holy Cow! You Need To Watch Rihanna’s BBHMM Video

bbhmm video

The video for Rihanna’s BBHMM (B*tch Better Have My Money) just dropped, and it’s all kinds of graphic, and sends one clear message. Please have Rihanna’s money!

Word is that the song is about a former accountant that allegedly stole from her. Let’s hope that accountant doesn’t go missing anytime soon.

The video, directed by Rihanna and Megaforce and produced by Bridgitte Pugh & Ciarra Pardo, is a 7 min long minute long clip, that shows Rihanna kidnapping, torturing the wife of the accountant, and eventually getting the accountant. Let’s just say his death involved knifes, sharp weapons and a chainsaw. You get the picture.

Just don’t steal from Rihanna. The message here is pretty clear.

Hopefully Don Jazzy and Mavins don’t owe Rihanna any money from their remix of this tune.


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