iBoro (PayBac) – Fuck Dino Melaye And Fuck KACH Too

Fuck Kino Melaye and Fuck Kach Too
iBoro (Paybac) - Fuck Kino Melaye and Fuck Kach Too

iBoro (PayBac) comes through with a diss track titled “Fuck Dino Melaye and Fuck KACH too” targeted at his fellow contemporary KACH who recently released a track titled “Dino” featuring controversial Nigerian senator Dino Melaye, who featured in the video.

According to iBoro “I’d rather die than be alive when a corrupt politicians son is singing praises to another corrupt politician. The hand shake is way past the elbow and I’ll never let it be said that we just let it happen as a people. This is not a diss song. Both of them serve as figure heads they stuck their neck out.”

Check on the track below and enjoy.



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