E.M.E Officially Releases Empire Mates State Of Mind Album


Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E) have officially released the first ever EME all stars album.

Titled ‘Empire Mates State of Mind’, the album is a 22-tracked LP that boasts of some of the finest tracks to come out of Nigeria this year, and fans who have had a preview listen admit the materials are ‘a collector’s item’.

The album is avialble for download on Spinlet and features the core EME Artistes: Banky W,Wizkid, Skales, Niyola, Shaydee, DJ Exclusive, as well as prime guest appearances from Affiliates such as Ghana-Based Rapper XO Senavoe and US-Based Singer/Actor Rotimi.

Track Listing
1) Baddest Boy – E.M.E feat WizKid, Skales & Banky W.
2) Get Down Tonight – E.M.E feat WizKid, Skales & Banky W.
3) Sun Mo Mi – E.M.E feat ShayDee, Skales & Banky W.
4) Hate (Part 1) – E.M.E feat BasketMouth
5) Roll It – E.M.E feat WizKid & Banky W.
6) Find My Trouble – E.M.E feat Banky W., ShayDee & Skales
7) Body – E.M.E feat WizKid
8) Ko Mo Le – E.M.E feat Skales
9) Dance – E.M.E feat Banky W. & X.O Senavoe
10) Don’t Delay Me – E.M.E feat Niyola
11) London Girl – E.M.E feat WizKid
12) Hate (Part II) – E.M.E feat BasketMouth
13) Dance For Me – E.M.E feat WizKid
14) Follow Go House – E.M.E feat Skales, ShayDee & Banky W.
15) My Baby – E.M.E feat Skales
16) Only You – E.M.E feat Banky W., ShayDee & Rotimi
17) Reppin’ EMEazzyyy – E.M.E feat Skales, WizKid & Banky W.
18) Wetin I Want – E.M.E feat Skales & Niyola
19) Change – E.M.E feat Banky W., Skales, WizKid, ShayDee & Niyola
20) See My Mama – E.M.E feat WizKid, Banky W. & ShayDee
21) Hate (Part III)  – E.M.E feat BasketMouth
22) Can’t Stop Us – E.M.E All Stars

All Songs Recorded, Mixed & Mastered @ EME Studios by: Suka “The Surgeon” Andrew aka Papa Ne

Album is available so go DOWNLOAD IT AT Spinlet.com.


  1. 4 Christ Sake.. Ɣ make every Difficult??? we nid trackks on our devices, ∂ɐ much anticipated album iz here… only 4a new development called SPINLET 2be promoted Wȋ̊v an album we shud be rocking oredi… mehn.. EME… una ŊΘ try… dt Spinlet fin iz crap… ℓm nt even interested in ∂ɐ kind album again cs ℓ̊ haff gone tru stress jux 2get supposed Good music… wen ü guyz come up Wȋ̊v anada easy development or download link.. sum1 shud pls Hollaaaaa moi.. else.. fack it.. I’d kip playing sisi nene nd Zombie Freestyle… bye!!!


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