Drey Beatz delivers new EP “Blessings & Light”

Drey Beatz delivers a new extended play titled
Drey Beatz delivers a new extended play titled "Blessings & Light"

Gifted music producer/singer-songwriter Drey Beatz delivers a new extended play titled; “Blessings & Light“.

‘Blessings & Light’ is a Christian-inspired project that explores mainstream afro-beat sounds and reggae fusion influences to create a unique cocktail of African rhythms.

Drey Beatz shares his new EP two weeks after publishing his first book on Amazon titled Dawn: The Rise Of Faith. A book he dedicated to his second daughter named Dawn, who passed away a few months ago. 

“Regardless of the storm, I’m grateful for God’s blessings & light,” Drey Beatz wrote on Instagram to officially announce the project. 

With well-penned lyrics, Drey Beatz keeps God as the unwavering focus throughout the EP.

Blessings & Light’s tracklist includes seven richly produced songs: “Most High”, “Born Throway”, “El Shaddai” (feat. Tosyn Grey), “Writing On The Wall” (feat. DJ Ernesty), “Like You”, “Grateful”, and “Your Life” (feat. Star Grey & Robin Joe).

Production credits go to Drey Beatz & Rumix.



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