DJ ONZ Presents New Skool Hitz [Mixtape]


Check out this mixtape from North Carolina, US based DJ, DJ Onz. The mix is titled, New Skool Hitz.


BIO: Michael ONZ, best known as Dj Onz, is a Nigerian DJ that resides in Durham, NC. Coming from a musically inclined family, it is no doubt that music would have a great impact on him. After taking interest and mastering the art of djing, DJ ONZ has been in business for three years; djing at all sorts of events, such as weddings, birthdays, lounges and graduations, in and out of the state of NC. His zeal for perfection in the business keeps him very open-minded which is why his music genre knows no bounds. From Hip Hop to African mix to Reggae, he’s got it all. Despite DJ ONZ’s achievements thus far, you can constantly find him seeking out ways to improve on his skills, and always remaining respectful and modest in all he does. I guess this is why his motto is humility. As well all know HUMILITY is d KOKO.

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