DJ Klem Presents Avala – Coming Back


I call him GoodMusicHunter.DJ Klem returns with another talented new act called avala. She is being introduced with “Coming Back”, seems she likes to run her guys down when they come/run back.

Good music, enjoy

Saidat “Avala” Balogun, born on the 1st of October, is a mystery for
the mind and seductive sound for the ears. Watching her older sister
sing at church events, Avala fell in love with singing and was
inspired by those around her. At the tender age of nine, she began
singing at a local church, and quickly realized the joy it brought to
her and those who heard her sing.

After years of ups & downs and general frustration with the music
industry, Avala absorbed the energy and confidence of Lagos, put pen
to paper, and has not stopped writing since. Avala continues to
perform in Lagos and the United States while recording original music
to share with the world.

Connect with Avala on Twitter (@LookingforAvala).

[audio:|titles=comin back lofi final]


  1. hey can’t wait to here you. I also hae an amazing voice but no connection nd my parents are against my singing. I don’t know what to do. Do you have any advice for me

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