Did MI Deserve To Win Album Of The Year At The Headies?


… Well it seems like MI certainly thinks he should’ve or his tweets suggests it. MI a few minutes ago went on a mini rant (Kanye style) giving the reasons why his album MI2 possibly should’ve won the Album Of The Year Award in place of 2face Unstoppable.

Check out his tweets from earlier this morning

Ok… I’m happy with all the awards I won.. I am truly happy and glad.

But I really wanted to win album of the year.. And I’m not saying tuface isn’t worthy.. He definately is and every nominee is as well..but..

MI2 I think was a legendary project..(Even though I say so myself) because I don’t think anyone expected rap music to spread far as it has..

Six songs that more or less were ‘hit songs’ action film, beef, nobody,number one,undisputed,my belle.

And then craze, wild wild west, epic and represent where also well accepted…

The collabs were on point.. Shout out to waje, praise, loose, julius ceaser, brymo, ruby pastor B..studio magic

He went on the state that he was indeed grateful for the awards he received, and think 2face is also a worthy winner.

(They have started insulting me oh!!! 🙂 ) anyway.. I am deeply appreciative of what the headies have honored me with so far.. Thank you

Also congratulations to a truly worthy winner… Tuface.. also I thought sound sultans album was flippin fantastic and could hv won

I try to be very humble and respecting of everyone’s opinions and beliefs… So I pray I am not misunderstood for ranting

MI won Best Rap album & best collaboration for his song Number 1 with Flavor. He is also currently working on his Illegal Music 2 mix tape which should be released pretty soon.

So you tell us… What do you think? Did he deserve the award?


  1. MI…. U r the best thing that has happened to rap music in Nigeria soo far. Nobody can take it away from U that U r smashing good. Dont let all these awards get too much to U… believe most of hem arent objectively adjuged (especially the Nigeria ones). Just keep ur head up & keep doing wat U r awesome at doing ok…… U will definitely win more than U thought U would. Keep ur head up.

  2. That guy is just full of himself no song from his album tops 2face’s implication. One Naira and Number One were just marginal hits. The rest of the song there were just below par. His first album ”Talk about it” was miles better than MI2, I know this cost I bought the both albums.

    He should just wake up.

  3. implication indeed,when the owner of the song openly said “I don’t know wot I’m singing right now”….I’m not beefing or “hating”,tuface is pretty good but I really think MI2 is an album that rocked and still rocks…the collabos were wild,is it the one with brymo,or waje,wot of the one with tubaba himself not to talk of the one with flavour….I think he deserved to win album of the year.

  4. MI…u r too proud, am one of ur fan but I Ve to tell u dis.Don’t ever compare urself wit 2face bcuz who God has blessed…U r not d best rapper in Naija but u r just fortunate to be who u r today. Tell me do u think u r d only Good rapper in Nigeria? You don’t even ve respect for other rappers! Well, its a matter of time..just watch ur back.

    • stop ranting like a small boy, which rapper has sold as much as he did in the history of Naija Rap. #fact 2face's album didnt sell as much as MI2

  5. does M.I deserved to win??? YES!! as does Sound Sultan, Asa… but is M.I better than 2face??? absolutely NOT!!.. 2face deservedly deserved his award.. #my2kobo

  6. Well who cares really? Anybody can rant, no be dem get their mouth? Now for those of you that think implication is such a song, you must be joking…Go listen again. I really didn't care who won the album of the year cos albums weren't smashing this year gone by (Headies wise) but the man is free to yarn now. Beef not or i'll play the song for you. Mscheew.

  7. I personally think MI’s MI2 is better than 2face’s album. 2face is more past glory hype than anything. So all u 2face voltrons can take a seat

      • kini deserve ke? let me just give some facts that u dont know about the two albums..
        despite selling unstoppable for 1000k it went platinum while MI2 at 100naira did not..
        unstoppable won d best male and artist of the year at MAMA 2010 while MI2 win nothing…
        recently unstoppable won the BET award for best international act while MI2 win nothing… common there is no room 4 comparism… unstoppable album is simply unstoppable..

  8. ‘i use 2watch 2face 4rm afar nw we sought of close. Am playn dis track ‘UNSTOPABLE by M.I as i write. Nobdy on dis planet earth acord 2face d type of respect i do accord him…….. Bt M.I’s album MI2 deserve d award. Jude Abaga kip it up cos u re an OVERCOMER

  9. 2baba is d best eva naija export so anybody can run dia mouth in whatever way dey lyk.mi is entitled to his own n shuldn’t be deprived of dat…mi2 is undoubtedly d best rap album bt definitely nt d best album!.If u doubt me,startin judgin 4rm international acceptance n more…

  10. Mi2 deserve d rap album but it does’t deserve the best album of the year, and 4 ma broda mi u are too proud of ur self do u think u are the only rapper in naija i’m 1 of fans pls know how talk know matter what give respect to elders.

    • WTF u talking about respect your elders this isn't school it is a business 2face to me is Nigerian's best Artist but please M.I2 was a classic different from most albums on ur computer, the skits were annoyin but still different.

  11. I tink i go wit wat m i said,he realy deserved d album of d year as he said d album waz a legendary projects ‘am proud of mr incredible d undisputed champion!

  12. Mi messed up bid time with his *little kanye moment* and lost most of my respect for him in the process!When i saw his tweets yesterday,i felt those were no rants but a calculated attack on Tuface,of which d reason behind such is beyond comprehension….rants an spontaneous reactions,with little or no time to critically think about one’s position.U dont start a rant by saying,*im about to rant*,that shows d actions are well planned and thought out!MI2 has nothing on unstoppable intl edition,ALL the songs in 2face’s album were either hits or very sensible and discussing a topical issue,while MI2 had some nice songs like epic,unstopable,number one,nobody n one naira and some very average ones like craze,action film,belle,beef(those wld av been tagged rubbish if done by ruggedman).He further showed his ego by not mentioning 2face in his credits to his self aclaimed*on point* collabos,mentioning d likes of praise,waje,loose kanon n co.Ironically,many people bought his album in d ist place cos of NOBODY ft 2face Idibia!!!If anyone should complain about d headies,it shudda been 2face who deserved recording of d year(RAINDROPS) ahead of d way u are by darey,best conscious(ONLY ME) ahead of one day by eldee and probably song song of d year ahead of choc boy fella ice prince oleku!But no,2face is way too sensible,respectful and humble to do that! Anyone who opines that 2face is living in past glory is simply delude,cos like wine,he gets better with age!

  13. why does giving one’s opinion on an issue turn one to a hater, am a fan of MI I loved the first album so much that I got the second album on the week of it’s release, and I liked it so much that I put the CD back in the package and laminated it. And popped the Talk about Album back into it’s space in my 7 CD loader,

  14. I think 2face album is better nd also asa’s nd sound sultan. Dnt get me wrong mi2 is also gud bt dats my humble opinion

  15. MI, big ups to ur MI2 album…..still I think and know that just a song from 2face's Unstoppable album smash ur entire album….mschewwww!

  16. yeah sure cos i dont see any competitn abt dat. he’s got an album dat sold so very well nd hit trackz dat got d club bubble till date nd d streetz 2 luv him, so he really do deserve d award mi abaga u re d rap tin

  17. When you are looking at the criterias of giving this award i swear MI2 is the best. I was suprised when i saw unstoppable won. Aba! From the very extraordinary productions to lyrics to acceptance by ppl. Its the highest selling album ever on notjustok.com . There is something wrong somewhere i swear. This MI2 deserves more than Grammy. How many ppl even buy 2baba album. Na download ppl dey download am. Omo na ojoro o i swear. Fuck the Headies on this one.

    • abeg calm down joor..grammy from where? if MI2 desrves a grammy then Asa's beautiful imperfection deserves what? hiss..
      all this extra unnecessary hype is not necessary

  18. M.I culd have 6 hit song from his album,but that 2ace only me song is insane,dat song was bad as in 2face deserves it rather dan M.i,m.i shuld knw better,i just tink he is not contented,greed is not gud

  19. MI ranting is the same as yall putting ur opinion here and sayin he is proud and all that, you put him up there but yet he is just a man likes us. anyways @face is 9ja's best artist hands down i didn't buy his album but all i will say is go look @ ur most played songs. M.i2 is a classic and there nothing anybody can say about that. i personally feel it should have won, but what do i know

  20. like somebody stated m.i just wantsw attention….. i now know m.i is a prick and hater if not the nobody song he said was gud why not call tuface in the shout out….. as for the people who say 2face is past glory!!!!!!! haba na BET didi not know wat to do with their award to give tuface that…… the so called m.i the new wine went for that last year and did not win it!!!! we should stop hating yes m.i had a shot at it but if you look at the criteria you for the award you would know why!!!!!!! tuface showed he is too big to talk to m.i even eldee said on twittter 2bbaba u too much for kkeping your lips sealed!!!! tuface can argue raindrops was way betterthan darey's song but no!!! or eldee one day is not better than than only me bt no!!!!! why because he looks ahead and knows more will come but m.i is just a baby…. his mama needs to breastfeed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. M.i’s album was smashing hot to win best rap album but him complaining about not winnin an award was just way out of the box. E should have known beta not to complain. E disappointed me on that. 2baba, i hail you for your humility jor. You get mouth.

  22. Really surprisd at m.I’s rant nd d fact dat he did nt give a shout out to 2face amongst dose he gave credit to.2face should be d one complainin oleku,d way u are nd one day were nt worthy winners 2face deservd d award in dose categories bt m.I jst wants d attention like some1 said earlier.if m.I is as gud as he claims y hasn’t he won lyricist award nd mode9 kips winnin it evry year.I’m glad 2face did nt reply cos dat makes dem diffrnt

  23. /Get it to the pointt,,,MI’s just giving his opinion. MI didn’t get here by chance, his works just speak for themselves.

  24. this is it, everything we are saying here are just opinions, so there's no need of beefing MI over wat he sai he only said he opined and wished he collected the album of the year, simple……………., why all the 'he's proud, he's not gud he's not contented and so on'. Really i think MI deserved it, because it's not only one song that makes an album but all the songs, well MI had at least 10 or more hit or less hit songs, but 2 face own wasn't more than 4 i.e only me, implication , raindrops and may be another one or two………………….therefore this is my opinion, no need 4 all d beefing and all d abuses, even if he ranted badly you shld remember that we are all 'IMPERFECT ME'…………….. IN FACT GOD BLESS MI…………..

  25. also somebody said 2 face supposed to collect the song of the year, that is impossible, who knows only me………. but just sing 'oleku'…….. everyone will respond 'tell me something me i no fit do'……………….in fact choc boiz i na 2 much….. allo of ya……….MI, JESSEJAGS, ICEPRINCE AND MY MAN 'BRYMO'.

  26. Guys… I’ve noticed dat we Nigerians don’t appreciate our own.

    Ɣε̲s, M.Ȋ̝̊̅ can sometimes be a little out if his league but like every human, Τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ dude Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ just hoping for nothing but Τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ best. We have to admit without prejudice or personal beef dat Τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ dude Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ Τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ best thing to happen to naija rap ♍ƲƧȋ̝̊̅̄ć cos he’s capable of spitting so dope dat one can be proud to place him in line with lil Wayne, kanye, jigga Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ a host of others. Alot of U̶̲̥̅̊ just hate Τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ fact dat a short black boy came out from nowhere Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ redefined naija rap ♍ƲƧȋ̝̊̅̄ć Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ so № matter ♓ôω hard he works on his metaphors or lyrics U̶̲̥̅̊ blindly decide not to appraise him.

    Let’s let go of our beef cos we are all imperfect in our own way Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ try to appreciate wats G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅. Ȋ̝̊̅ for one use to tink tuface was wack but after seeing his drastic improvement from his last two albums, I’m a die hard tubaba fan. Alot of us just sit back, cross our legs Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ wait to criticize. If U̶̲̥̅̊ tink wat m.Ȋ̝̊̅ does Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ easy with Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ punch lines pls try writing two phrases of a rap

    song Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ compare it wit wat d dude writes. M.Ȋ̝̊̅ keep up d gud work. Tubaba keep it up too.


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