Dear Cyrus, Please Stop!

cyrus tha virus

First of all, there is no beef. Beef in hip hop is defined as a situation when two warring factions go against each other on songs usually known as “Diss tracks”, a good example has to be Modenine vs Ruggedman.

But what do you call a situation when only one person keeps throwing shots at the other parties, and they don’t respond, or even give a hoot? I call it “Bad Belle” and Cyrus has a lot of it brewing in him.

Cyrus in the last few years has been constantly taking shots at Yungsix, ever since MI called Yungsix the King of the South on the Export track and recently Erigga, simply because Erigga refused to team up with him to diss Yungsix.

First of all, I understood Cyrus’ reason the first time. It was a fairly good reason, you don’t just call your self king in hip hop without some reprisal attacks, and the buzz it created was good for our southern hip hop culture, but it is 2015, and 3 years later, Cyrus is still taking shots at the people that are helping glue southern Hip-Hop to the map.

Cyrus has my respect as one of the southern hip hop vets, he did good for our hip hop, held it down back then, but that’s all he has ever done. Instead of focusing on mentoring young cats to take over the game in Nigeria, Cyrus is taking shots constantly. This is a case of an elder brother hating on his younger brothers because of their progress.

The southern culture is in need of a veteran who can help mentor the crazy talents I see everyday, put them on the right part, show them the ropes, and I was expecting Cyrus to be that mentor, but his recent antics have proven him to be unfit to play that pivotal role in our hip hop.

Cyrus keeps complaining about how the hip hop in the south south is dead, and my questions to him are these: What have you done to revive it? What have you done to make it grow? Have you mentored any hip hop artiste of your own? Have you discovered and helped promote any new hip hop artiste? Do you even support the hip hop artistes around now?

Cyrus’ lack of judgment and self respect is appalling, and it seems like the only way Cyrus can create buzz for himself now is through his parasitic antics of throwing shots at Yungsix and Erigga.

Cyrus called YungSix’s album a flop, well that’s his opinion, but I challenge Cyrus to bring out his whole discography, and bring out one project that can stand toe-to-toe with Yungsix’s album, in terms of lyrics, instrumentals, production and features.

Dear Cyrus, I respect you a lot, but every time you stoop so low to do this thing of yours, you loose a lot of cool points and a lot of fans too. Have you not realized that most of your fans, if not all, listen to YungSix and Erigga now? Have you ever imagined how your fans feel every time you diss these young cats? Instead of you to rebrand your music and come back better, you keep serving up the same old rabid style of shouting on tracks, a trend that even DMX has stopped.

Dear Cyrus, please stop. Stop trying to pull these cats doing good for themselves back, instead try and support them in anyway you can. That is how a veteran should behave.

Dear Cyrus, Please stop.

By @Sifon_B

Listen To Cyrus Tha Virus – Ojukwu


  1. Article not well constructed… You still have time to make necessary amends and make it sound and look more professional. Thank You.

  2. Cyrus is a bitch nigga tho. Been that way since 2011 since I started seeing his antics on twitter. Failed artist always looking for one controversy or another. Wack dude!

  3. All this one wey Cyrus dey talk for song na mouth e dey make. When confra war dey set for Benin, Na hide Cyrus dey hide. Stop beefing and hating!


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