D Banj – Fall In Love (Video)


Finally a proper video comes out for that song we all love to jam to – even up till now. Remember that one wor wor video that came out before and everyone was asking wtf that mess was? Well the man definitely stepped up now. The video is directed by Sesan as usual and he even has Genevieve as his video vixen.

This video, added to the rumors that the two have been going out for a minute now can only be one of two things – the rumors are true or they are planning one sick publicity thing that is bound to work out great for the two of them and their career. Anyway, enough talk, enjoy the video and let me know how you like (or hate) it!


  1. na kiss be that i see at the end? Nice vid. I think Genny shoulda gone natural for her make up instead of bold. All the same looks great!

    • Dbanj na genevive u end with…..na wa oooooo….second hand chick wen don born pikin,fuck anyhow….goodluck sha….

  2. LOVE the video, no ass shaking no short shorts or boobs everywhere….just a cute video and two people being in love…

  3. nice video..bt dbanj if wat they hav said is true,,no probss about it ..no be new thing..bt no let am become break up becos na dat time you go find were she get fault from…act wisely


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