Choc Boyz (MI, Jesse Jagz, IcePrince) – Nobody Test Me (Video)


“Only one Kelly, that I know… Kelly Rowland.” Hot jab to Kelly Handsome… This track is a hot Choc Boyz tune. In MI’s verse u can tell he’s str8 up addressing Kelly Handsome’s diss to him. Nobody Test Me… Hot Tune…. Hot Vid. Check it out!

Choc BOI is not about Iceprince, Jesse Jagz and M.I alone…the Choc brand celebrates chocolate- the essence and colour of Africa-, boldness- the daring spirit to explore and break new grounds, Originality- being yourself,being creatively real with what you say,do or stand for and Innovativeness…the need to improve on what has been achieved…this video is the official ChoC BOI anthem………


  1. Kelly is a broke ass & a jackass.He's just lookin 4 cheap promo.i heard he had apologies to kennis music.shame on u,m.i is goin 2 rip ur skull wit lyrics

  2. both guyz are great. so stop the forkin beef, it doesn't fit this industry.the next time i hear of these i ma smack ur forkin noses

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