Chime Asonye presents #Songs4Change: God Bless Nigeria by Nosa


As we enter the holiday season, it is important to be thankful for all that Nigeria is endowed with. Nosa speaks to this in his song “God Bless Nigeria,” telling us how much he loves the green white green. As we reflect on our land of plenty during this time of cheer, we must remember that some of us are not so fortunate. As Nosa describes:

In the midst of the abundance, so many people no dey enjoy
The benefits, and plenty gifts
Wey we get for under our soil
But I hope say
One day we go change our ways
So that in future generations
Nigeria will be a better place
Unity and faith, peace and progress
God bless our nation!
God bless Nigeria!

Let us remember those in need, and pray that God blesses our future generations. The entire #Songs4Change team appreciates your commitment to a better African future, and wishes you a Happy Holiday!



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