[audio:|titles=FAR AWAY-ft Ese Peters]

FAR AWAY-ft Ese Peters

[audio:|titles=01 Dead Presidents]

Dead Presidents

[audio:|titles=01 E ba mi ki won c]

E ba mi ki won c

Poet, Songwriter, Political Blogger (rantingsofthetalakawa.b;  and Hip Hop Rap/Spoken Word artist Plumbline was born in Lagos Nigeria, in his Lagos Island hometown.

Growing up, he was influenced by Local Poets like the late Mamman Vatsa and later on caught up with the works of the Late Ken Saro Wiwa.

His defining moment was when he heard Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball” and “If I ruled the World” in the Early/Mid Eighties.  Having been on Michael Jackson’s pop and Boney M’s Discotheque, this was to him a paradigm shift. By the time he was in high school, he started writing his own rhymes but did not go into active recording till 2006, the time he concluded his Masters Degree in Applied Geophysics.

Some temporary setbacks, including losing his recordings at the time his then Producer got robbed; Laptop, Backup and all did not deter him.

He is a Regular Spoken Word performer at Taruwa, Lydia Sobogun’s Poetry/Open Mic event hosted by Bez with a fiery delivery that earned him the title ‘Taruwa Favourite’. He performs at Anthill, and hosts a Spoken Word event, Chill and Relax at Zamunda Bar, Victoria Island. He was also one of the Poets at Rhyme and Reasons for Jos, a gathering of Artists and Comedians to decry the Jos violence.

He has since teamed up with BigFoot (Micworx), Kraft, and Steady of STOMProductions on an ambitious Hiphop/Spoken Word project billed for a 2011 Debut.

It is Plumbline’s First video.

It was shot in Zamunda Bar (Ologun Agbaje, VI).

Cameos: Tosyn Bucknor (ConTra Diction), Rooftop Mcs, M-Trill, B-Elect (Thorobreds), Bigfoot (Micworx studio, Producer of d track),-(MTrill, B-Elect and Bigfoot were Murtala’s assassins) Talk Talk (Comedian) Spoken Word Poets (Rez da Poet, Chiedu Ifeozo and Efe Azino)-The Poets were d ‘Founding Fathers of Nigeria.

Concept: opens at a bar where a drunk (Talk Talk) is saying a couple of rubbish about Nigerian History. ConTradiction (Tosyn Bucknor) performs her song (actual clip of her forthcoming single) while the Rooftop Mcs look at d drunk, wondering where he got all d crap from. Plumbline meanwhile sits in d Reserved Section, reading the Papers and visibly annoyed. He then shouts ‘Silence’ and begins his own account of ‘Dead Presidents’ the story behind some of d Naira notes. Actual clips of some key figures appear on an ancient TV in d course of d narration Tosyn appears again at d end..beside d Mohawk headed President on the New 1000 naira note dated years later..

It was directed by Nodash (Something Unusual Studios).


  1. Plumb line is the best lyricist! this video is educative informative yet entertaining. every Nigerian should listen to this.

  2. The Street Cleric, welldone! welldone!! welldone!!! this is nothing but the best. It's a must watch for all. Keep the flag flying, I believe the sky is ur begining and not the limit.


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