Celebrity Style Profile: WAJE & Tiwa Savage


Hello my beautiful ladies and handsome gents, hope all is well in your world as they are in mine. Now I would like to take this time out to applaud the African fashion industry! For real, I love seeing our celebrities wearing and sporting designers from our own countries… forget Versace, Louis Vuitton and the rest. African fashion is where its at and if you didn’t know,hopefully you will know after I am done with this post.

So I want to shed light on two beautiful ladies that have been making serious waves in the music industry. Their names alone are enough, TIWA SAVAGE and WAJE.


Waje | Tiwa Savage

These two divas are the voices behind hits like Kele Kele Love and So Inspired (2 of my fav songs by the way). Not only do their vocals do them justice but so does their style. They have been popping up on red carpets looking damn near PERFECT and so flawless. Need proof? Well let’s examine the evidence.

WARDROBE: Now one thing that I love about Tiwa, apart from her beauty, is her height and because of that, long flowing gowns look stunning on her, she could easily pass for a runway model. The two gowns on the far left and right are my favorite, the colors were perfect against her skin tone and complimented her body type. They are loose where they needed to be and fitted where they’re supposed to be, no hiccups. Even when she opts for more fun and casual looks like the flared short dress and corset over fitted pants look in the middle, she brings sexy back in a way that we all can be proud of.

HAIR & MAKE UP: Not once have I seen Tiwa not look fresh faced in a photograph. Kudos to whoever hooks her up with smashing hair styles and flawless make up. Her hair always seems to frame her face rather than overpower it.

TIP: Ladies your hair should never be wearing YOU, you should be wearing IT. Whether she’s sporting bangs or a center part …it all highlights her face. Which brings me to her make up, you can see how much they play up her eyes.

TIP: Whatever you feel is your best asset (for instance your eyes, mouth, cheekbones or nose) highlight it with your make up. Like I always say if you got it, FLAUNT it!


WARDROBE: I love Waje for showing us how to work a knee length dress AND with proper heels! She steps out with a sophistication about her that is appealing and her brilliant smile tops it all off. I particularly like her choices of ‘little black dresses‘. The second one from the left is my favorite, the draping of the skirt showing a little hint of leg is perfect for her. She wore it well. The color red will always be a head turner and I love the pop of additional color she brought with the skinny belt.

TIP: All colors do not have to totally match for them to go well together but they must compliment one another. Her skinny dark wash jeans with an ankara printed jacket is casual while still making a statement.  I adore the lace sleeves and turquoise applique on the shoulder of the last dress.

HAIR & MAKE UP: The short bob with heavy bangs is my favorite hair style on Waje, it draws more attention to her eyes. The long wavy hair looks great on her as well. As for make up, dark rimmed eyes are something I think is great for ladies who have big beautiful eyes and she is one of those girls.

TIP: Use eyeliner to line both your top and bottom lid to achieve the look. As you can see, she is no stranger to lip color. She has a lovely smile so why not accentuate that with a little red gloss/lipstick?


Well that’s all folks!

Tell me what do you think about their individual styles and what your favorite looks are from them?

Follow these fabulous ladies on twitter as well … @wajemusik and @tiwasavage


Till next time…


Some Images courtesy of BellaNaija.com


  1. U couldn’t have picked 2 better people. Love it. And Tamara you can go and sitdown inside dustbin and catch cro-cro for toto. Stupid hater.
    Great Job Oyato

  2. Love it. More esp Tiwa Savage tho, cos Waje’s look all depends on her weight which can hinder her appearance sometimes


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