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Friday Fashion Fix

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So I recently saw this video on notjustok.com (click on the above link to view) and the song just made me melt. I did my research and found out the songstress paired up with M.I on this single, Know, was none other than Lami Phillips. Her debut album Intuition is fresh off the press with 16 tracks and has gotten great reviews. To buy her album go to notjustok.com and get it for just $4.99.


Now not only am I here to announce this new artist I’m here to talk a little about her style. Yes I did a lot of research on this woman and slowly but surely she is winning cool points in my book. Not only for her music but also for her style. I love her look on the album cover. The boldness of it speaks volumes from the eyes, hair to the lips all the way down to the stare. Yes, stylists may be the cause for such a look but as an artist you should have ultimate control over your image. And the image on that album is lovely!


This is a more toned down look but still beautiful in its own right. The make up is flawless and the silver dress compliments her “glowing” skin.


It looks to me like Miss Lami loves to go the bold and sexy yet classy route when it comes to her style and honestly its working for her. This cowl neckline top paired with a feathered hair piece and neutral make up looks great on her.


I particularly love this photo of Lami, she’s engaging the audience while performing and having fun with it. She opted for a sheer and flowing dress that does not cling to her, which means she’s taking it easy while still being a little sexy.


Here she is alongside my man (yes my man-lol) M.I performing her single Know. I love the green top she has on which she wore with a pair of skinny jeans (not shown here).

Let’s just say I’ve got my eye on Miss Lami Phillips as you all should. But for the guys, don’t look for too long because madame is taken.



  1. I have seen a lot in Nigeria upcoming and newly introduced artists but come to this particular lady, she blew my mind with the collabo with MI (Know). For real, she got me glued to the TV screen despite my tight schedule on that particular day.

    Truth is, Nigeria artists are making me so proud these days with the quality of songs and video shots, though its either S.A or somewhere out there (which I am not against due to the scenery) but Lami just hit me like Tracy Chapman did with her song … The Promise. I am so much looking out for her CD in Lagos right now.

    So girl (Lami), you've got yourself an army in me, I am your fan and will surely like to support you in anyway I can. M.I. is my guy for life and hope he knows that too.

    Keep the flame blazing my dear.

    Muyi (Lagos)


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