Like a snow cone in a blizzard

Born Akingbenga Akinyemi in Lagos Nigeria, Cap B the self acclaimed U.F.O (Undeniably Fly and Offical) has always had an eclectic mix and taste for all kind of music and was inspired by music at such a tender age. Cap B was always gifted as a writer often coming up with freestyles off the top of his head to entertain his peers at a young age, so he started to write for fun, starting off by writing only rap and hip hop songs then later branching out to writing R&B songs and producing records. Growing up, he lived in Lagos Nigeria, London England and now resides in New Jersey. After attending High School in Nigeria, Cap B came to the United States to further his education and it was in the States that he realized his musical talent. Cap B who was already into writing and recording linked up with peers who shared the same passion for music as he did. Hottice, L.P and their manager Francis a.k.a Olumoney created the group D.N.B. (Dem Naija Boys) fusing afro music with hip hop. When asked what his musical tastes are they can’t be justified into one category. Music and performing had always been a getaway for such a gifted artist. When you hear his unique sound, you can feel the intensity of his lyrics. Although many artists sound cloned and fabricated, Cap B prides himself as being original and being able to relate to the average listener. It is time the world realizes his CAP-a-B-ility. The SAGA continues.

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