SR Greene – My Pain


“SR Greene” born “Greene Osi .I. Oyofo” is an Afrosoulfusion maestro who hails from Edo state, Southern Region of Nigeria, West Africa. 

Born to Murphy Idris & Julie Beauty Oyofo on the 23rd day of March, an Aires poised with unmatchable energy and fire with an unquenchable thirst for adventure. 

He discovered his love for music at a very tender age and that passion is what has driven him to blossom into the sensation he’s grown to become. 

In essence, he just wants to be heard. “My Pain” is a heartfelt spirited song that was inspired by his mother’s transition to glory at precisely 2 AM, on the 26th day of June 2020. The pains and void of losing someone so dear and eternally irreplaceable coupled with the turmoils faced in the journey of life in general including the effects from parasitic friends were the reasons this song was composed orchestrated.

I hope you all relate to “My Pain” as you listen to this heartfelt soul music from the genius himself who’s also referred to as the “Soul Router” 



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