Jazzey James – Special Ft. Meaku

Jazzey James - Special Ft. Meaku

Good music content oftentimes serves as an extension of an artist’s personality, and a reflection of the taste of music lovers and fans the artist caters to. Lagos born Oluseyi James Olaleye popularly known as Jazzey James, a song writer, International Hip-Hop recording artist, social media Star and a businessman currently based in the United State, Whose creativity began in 2013 when he created is first album (Jazz Rap & Soul), and quickly released another album the following year (King James).

“Holding in the sky” became a smash hit for Jazzey James and started doing shows in America and across Asia which landed him a movie role while on tour in The Philippines “Hangyo”. He’s well known for deep lyrics speaking against police brutality and growing up in poverty.

Having the ability to blend Trap Music, and Afrobeat together makes Jazzey James unstoppable in the music industry.

Listen and Enjoy!



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