Dicey – Gwaya K’osi Emegi

Dicey – Gwaya K’osi Emegi

The Nigerian Music Industry is about to be shaken to its foundation with the entrance of ThreeK Music’s fiery rapper, DICEY. Dicey, a rap music artist and his widely applauded debut single, “Gwaya K’osi Emegi” can only be described by the word “talented”, and nothing less. From his style of rap, to his brand and quality of songs, he has been adjudged to have the potential to give already established and A-list rappers rough run for their monies.

Born on the 24th of May, 1992, Dicey, who goes by the name Martins Unanka, is the last child of a family of eight. He hails from the south-Eastern region of Nigeria, Imo state precisely. Dicey was sent to a seminary early in life, but his passion for music, which was obvious and attested to by both his fellow seminarians and priests alike, would not let him continue his journey to priesthood. As a result, He left the seminary after his Senior Secondary Examination to pursue his dream and passion, and now, he is ready to share or out-rightly snatch the spotlight from many before him.

As a graduate of Education Guidance and Counselling from Imo State University (IMSU), Dicey is set for the industry, highly motivated to succeed, well groomed to excel. The 24 years old rapper enjoys a wide acceptance, evident in the number of his fans and followers across the country and beyond. Unlike many artistes who take drama to a new level in seeking attention, Dicey believes that his works should speak for themselves.

Dicey is signed to the record label Threek Music. Dicey’s debut song “Gwaya K’osi Emegi”, produced by the legendary producer Blaze is already raising some dust, especially because of its story line which is synonymous with the lifestyles of many. A song that tells a story of a rich young man, who believes money, can buy anything, especially women and success.

While the industry welcomes Dicey with open arms, we can only wish him best in his endeavour, and see how dicey he is going to rumble in the rap category.

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