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We featured some of Yesi’s work on here a couple of months ago, and since then we’ve had nothin but great buzz about him. His album is out and I must say, the tracks we’ve heard are solid. Check out his bio, and sample tracks below.

Newcomer rapper Yesi re-energizes Hip-Hop with a raw, multi-lingual flavor which according to the editors of the Music blog NotJustOk, is a “quite unique” sound (1.). Born and raised in the Ibadan, Yesi’s education took him to Orlando, Florida, and eventually New York City where he currently resides. Yesi seamlessly blends 3 languages- English, Yoruba and Pidgin (Broken English) – delivering impressive lyrics over heart thumping Hip-Hop beats. Think Fela (Afro beat King) meets Kanye.

Yesi’s debut album “Coronation” is due to be independently released May 25, 2010.  The debut single, titled G.R.A,  is due to be released on I-Tunes, Amazon and the music blogosphere on the 15th of May. Also in the works is a video shoot for G.R.A on the 13th of May.

Yesi has collaborated with several renowned artists and producers including Iceberg Slim, Zara, Amplifyd, Negus Shabaka, Kid Konnect, T.Money and Dee Money to name a few. In addition, he has worked with fellow newcomers Yasin and Sasha Thompson on his new album.  Also, upcoming are plans to work with New York freestyle rapper Matt Hoffa, and Neo-soul artist Josephine Silla.

Yesi’s website can be found at www.yesimusic.com , and provides latest news on Yesi Music, including tour dates, photos and the opportunity to sign up to his mailing list. For further information on the artist, check out Yesi’s Official Website, or add his Facebook account or follow him on Twitter . Lastly, visit Yesi’s YouTube channel to watch video performances.

*** Coronation ***


*** Aura ***


*** Pon Pon Pon Mix ***

[audio:PonPonPon_Yesi Mix.mp3]


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