Bubbling Under | U-Kause – Mommy’s Boi + Get Da Swagga ft. DaGrin


New music from upcoming artist U-Kause. Check out his Bio below and drop your thoughts on the tracks.

My names are Sebastian Henry Afolabi, I was born on the 14th of June 1991, in Lagos State and currently a student studying Estate Management at the University of Lagos.

The brand “U-KAUS” which means “UNIQUE KHARISMA of A UNIQUE SINGER”, was formed while reading a book, I was inspired by the statement and decided to make it my stage name.

I’ve been into music for as long as I can remember, but I started professionally three years ago, I’ve worked with a few producers like Samklef, K-Solo, Big-Lo, Ekeke Solomon, and have collaborations with the late DaGrin, Klever-J, Samklef, Skuki, Side-One, Skales, and many others.

Music is a medium which brings joy and happiness to listeners, and helps in forgetting all odds, so my contribution to music is to never stop making people happy no matter the odds.

I look forward to being the next thing in the rap game and producing along side.

twitter: @ukaus101, @tipeee

*** Mommy’s Boi ***

[audio: U-Kaus – Mummy’s Boi.mp3]

***Get Da Swagga ft. DaGrin ***

[audio: U-Kaus ft Dagrin – Get da swagga.mp3]


  1. I see a raw talent here been polished! Sounds like ! of the next thing to hit the music industry……I love that get da swagga…….awesome! Reminds me of the talent we lost! RIP DAGRIN "CEO". Mummy's boi is absolutely fantastic……..there are a lot of mummy's boi out there, a remix won't be bad @ all!!!


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