Bubbling Under | Threadstone EP [Download]


I’ve been a big fan of the group ThreadStone for a while, and those that heard them perform live no that they are no joke. They are the latest addition to MI’s Loopy Records and they are making their “official” debut here on Jaguda.com with their self titled EP, ThreadStone. Don’t get it twisted, they are NOT new comers in music as they have been doing their thing for a while.  The have 2 projects under their belt actually.

It’s definitely worth downloading. Enjoy.

We are Threadstone, and we are an alternative rock band from Jos, Nigeria. We have been making music together since 2007 and have played extensively at concerts, schools and churches across Nigeria. We love to tour.

We like to think Threadstone is more than just a band; more than just music.

Its a mind set. That music is power, and can change the world. Threadstone is the movement. From apathy to passion. From silence to sound. From chaos to perfect harmony.

Threadstone is the idea that the we can be inspired to love, learn, and worship and laugh with everything we are.

Threadstone is of the belief that music is powerful enough to break through the differences in age, race and creed, and show us how alike our broken conditions really are.

We have a story to tell, and we’re using rock music to do it.




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