Bubbling Under | Selzin



I’ve known this chap for a while now (since J-Town days), and I wont even front his stuff is nice….actually his stuff is hot!!! He grew up in J-Town before he moved to NY. Dude has been rapping since he’s been a kid in secondary school, and has definitely perfected his delivery, and flow. Anyways, check out his stuff. Thoughts?

*** Red Boxers ***

[audio:02 red boxers (1).mp3]

*** Brooklyn to Nigeria ***

[audio:06 brooklyn to nigeria(shut em down).mp3]

***Summer Time feat. DJ Inform***

[audio:10 summertime f_ dj inform.mp3]


  1. Selzin is one cat that is certainly a force to be reckon with. A master at his craft, he reps Nigeria harder than most. Brooklyn to Nigeria is certainly a track for the ages. This cat has been gully since J-Town in the 90's. A promising act indeed

  2. yo if u cats dig what you hear u can also check me out on youtube-slyfoxgentlemensclub, selzin or olscandalous . look out for selzin.com coming soon!


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