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Check out hip-hop artist, ReDkAd with his new joint, Born Me For Lagos. Somewhat of an ode to all those born and raised in Lagos. Check it out. Below is a short bio of ReDkAd:

Born and brought up on the streets of Okota,Lagos. Redkad grew up listening to concious emcess like Nas, jayz, 2pac, krs1 , common ,guru , prodigy, dead prez, modenine, proverb e.t.c.. An indigine of Abia state he’s is a special blend of education and music as he aims to show that Nigerian artiste can as well be intelligent.As a forerunner to his album which is expected to drop later in the year,
his mixtape HIPHOP (Dead or Alive?) has been released on the internet and is free for download.The songs include

1. Torture freestyle on da grins pon pon instrumental

2. One deal on Nas one mic instrumental

3. Dreams produced by A1 d same dude on Modenine’s badman

4. Park well ft k.j

5. Rain ft uchimms n feedback on fabolous oneday instrumental.

He is currently not signed on to any label.

For further details please call 2348134482608 or 2348057175515.To
download the mixtape visit online blogs or google ReDkAd

[audio:Born me for Lagos.mp3]


  1. I heard some of his songs,this is a true lyricist..i have never seen a Nigerian put so much detail in a song..Thumbs up bro..

  2. Dude is a good rapper no doubt, ive listened to some of his other tracks like one deal and i wasnt dissapointed, hiphop’s alive and this is one of the few dudes who got brilliant lyrics and flows..another modenine in the making here..lol


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