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Ohdichi has been my friend on facebook and I have always been impressed with her stuff. The young girl is talented and will definitely make noise on the scene really soon. Check out her bio & tracks below (both written by her):

Odichinma (Oh Dichi) was born in Watts, California in 1984 to two Nigerian parents she began singing at the tender age of 4 years old. Her first music role model was her Father who began recording her with her younger siblings on a tape player. Once she heard her own voice playback out of the speakers she was amazed, and wanted to continue recording herself. Her father also loved video taping her and her siblings as they danced and sang to a wide variety of music. She went on to start singing at talent shows and small events. She was blessed to be apart of the Mariners All Girls Show Choir for four years, which toured different states and performed all over the So Cal area. In college she continued to make music in her spare time while studying Acting, Sociology, and Film. She has performed in the following cities/areas: Los Angeles, Riverside, Cerritos, Lynwood, Hawthorne, Hollywood, Anahiem, Torrance, NewYork, Hawaii, San Diego, San Fransisco, Texas, New Jersey, Washington DC, and Nigeria. She has written over 50 songs, and records most of her music in California and NewYork. She likes to be a wellrounded musician so she listens and sings all types of music.

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