Bubbling Under | Niimp Cohalition – Energy + Talonbasoro + Oleku (UK Remix)


Niimp Cohalition is a UK based Ghana-Naija group whose music is an interesting blend of Afropop and UK funky house music. The result is an upbeat club sound that can find its way into the clubs and Dj mixes. The Oleku Remix is very well done too. One of the better remixes to the mega hit, in my opinion. Check them out and drop your thoughts.


Niimp Cohalition – A group of song writers and lyricists newly grace the Naija
entertainment industry and have come together introducing their hit making and banging
music skills with their new tracks- “Talonbasoro” and “Energy”.

The UK based group “Ajay” “Addo” and “Black Eagle” bless these tracks with their
combination of Naija and Ghanaian culture, word play, commendable flows and hooks
that will encourage a sing along. Set to release a video to Talonbasoro late spring 2011
and what we expect to be a much anticipated EP in Autum 2011, Niimp Cohalition set
out to make their mark on the music industry.

Produced by Niimp, Ajay and Copernicus who produced “Today na my day”
“Koshikuro” “Owo” amongst others, cook up their fusion of afrobeat patterns added with
UK funky and a blend of catchy baselines to bring you more banging productions as a
teaser of what they have in store.

Niimp Cohalition are ones to definitely watch out for!


[audio: Energy.mp3]


[audio: Talonbasoro.mp3]

**Oleku (UK Remix)**

[audio: Oleku (London UK Remix).mp3]


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