Bubbling Under | Momentum – I hail Oh + Gbasibe


There are some songs you will listen and say WHAT?? That’s What up and coming act Momentum did. The 21 – year old rapper really caught my attention with two solid tracks. We have I hail Oh and Gbasibe, the track features two up and coming acts like him to. Mayor and skinny, mayor sounds like isolate while Skinny sounds like Mime. if you listen to this track and you are not glued to it, my twitter name is @itsjustayo let me Know.

    Momentum, 21-year-old rapper from Lagos Nigeria started writing rap during his third year in high school when he was only13…The Mass Communication graduate of Lagos State University released a 7-tracker EP titled “THE STREET BOY WITH ATTITUDE EP” last December to critical acclaim from fans and pundits alike!! Though a free project which was basically released to show appreciation to his few loyal “underground” fans who stood by him while he had to finish Uni…The rapper who now runs an independent label, HIGH-DEFF RECORDS with childhood friend “Reign4ll” where he doubles as Vice-President is debuting with two singles, “I Hail Oh” ft Skinny n “Gbasibe” ft Mayor!! Naija stand up………ITS MOMENTUM BABY!!!

Listen Up!

**I hail Oh**
[audio:http://www.jaguda.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/I-Hail-Oh-Momentum-ft-Skinny.mp3|titles=I Hail Oh- Momentum ft Skinny]

[audio:http://www.jaguda.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Gbasibe-Momentum-ft-Mayor.mp3|titles=Gbasibe – Momentum ft Mayor]


  1. This guy z ((((((BOMB))))))**Boko Haram** tinz..Gbasibe z definitely a HiT wit no doubt **Big_Ups MOMENTUM**

  2. Is this Mayor guy the same guy dat did a track called Wete?
    Sounds so much like him…….
    Like the Gbasibe track…..


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