Bubbling Under | Lola Savage – Becha feat. Matt Sesso


We heard this track from up and coming RnB singer, Lola Savage, and I must say she shows a lot of promise. Very calm, easy listen. Here is some more info on Lola Savage.

Chicago’s own RnB sensation Lola Savage introduces her new single”Becha” featuring Matt Sesso. With her harmonious voice through a well-formed sing-a-long melody, written by the most creative singer/song-writer Keno Kennet, it exudes emotion. A song that many can relate to. Lola is currently working on an album so stay tuned for talented music.

Thoughts on Lola Savage?



  1. nice beat but vocals got lost in the song. Rap portion was better. slow the song now sounds like a 90s song by xscape.

    • what are you talkin about? are you even a singer? cuz your critique is way off!!!! lol the only thing wrong with the song is the fact that it wasn't mixed properly. other than that her vocals are on point and harmony is amazing. And it definitely does NOT sound like a 90's song whatsoever. Please, i suggest you study your music history and learn the tecniques or song and harmony before u come passing judgement on an awesome artist. Great job lola. We're looking forward to your next single.


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