Bubbling Under | Kahli Abdu – Funkee Tribe II & My Way (feat. Endia of GRIP)



We get a slew of emails almost daily with songs and new artists that want us to listen, and once I heard this I had tp put this up asap. Kahli is a J-town MC based in USA, but he has ties to Chocolate City and J-Town’s GRIP crew. If you have MI’s Illegal music mixtape then u’ve probably heard his flow on the last track “Rise”… a dedication track to J-Town.

He is currently working on his debut and this is an in-studio effort with Tosin Arisibala (Femi Kuti & his Positive Force). The track Funkee Tribe is a teaser track with Kahli spitting hot 16 bars and features Femi Kuti’s Drummer. It’s really on point. Watch out for this dude for real.

Check out the tracks below:

*** Funkee Tribe II ***


*** My Way feat. Endia (of GRIP Musik)… Produced by chopSticks***


Lyrics to Funkee Tribe II for those that want to see what this dude’s lyrics are made of:

The elders in the tribe they say life’s Abroad/ we say life’s a bitch, I say life’s a whore/
African, slave to AIDS, hunger, war, diseases, our leaders they take flights abroad/
written in the law, rich minus poor/ so we trust in the Lord, sticks, knives and swords/
fist fight them all till they recognize y’all/ Nigerians never will terrorize y’all/
stand tall but they say she will fall to corruption, we’ll bring down that ancient wall/
I don’t know Mutallab, I don’t carry bombs/ but TSA asked who packed my carry on/
Searched my papers, my lyrics, my songs, they asking me questions they hate where I’m from/
I’m Christian, my last name seems Islam/ I’ve been through the storm but I’ve got it going on/
I’m the new level of cool, a true rebel I’m due, I’m too clever for fools and cute fellas/
My mood is Che Guavara/ my crew too stellar/ we make you jealous but I’ll let you tell it//.


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