Bubbling Under | Jazz – Memoirs [The Mixtape]


We featured Jazz a few months ago, and now he’s ready to drop his mixtape, Memoirs. Memoirs is a story of ‘JaZz V The State’ It is a compilation of songs on his journey in music, each song which has been written by JaZz has a deep and personal meaning to him and the beauty of the mixtape is most of his fans watched his journey and growth.

So now would you be attending the trial ‘JaZz v The state on the’ 18/02/2011 ?… ‘If Music Is A Crime I Must Be Guilty’

Check out a track from him, Call Track


Check out Jazz singing Whitney Houston’s “I Believe In You & Me”… Talent



  1. Mehn this jazz dude can't sing at all for a solo artist maybe in a choir I will give him a pass but as a solo artist I think he is trash~!

    PERSONAL OPINION from Tony Barry

  2. As far as the entertainment industry is concerned, only way you got a chance to fit in if they making a music video for the disney movie Winnie The Pooh

    As far as looks, swag, personality and audience-holding is concerned, you are a failure

    Btw the shirt you got on looks too tight on you. If that board you holding is supposed to cover your potbelly, i hate to break it you, but if anything, it only called my attention to it

    LOL lastly, your sexuality looks questionable :/

    Please stop making music!!! ;'( for your own good and the good of mankind. thanks 🙂

    • shet! u're wicked o. Tomorrow now they'll say it's me that has bad mouth.

      but the pot belly is not the way forward tho. I don't think the song is bad tho


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