Bubbling Under | Introducing Sheunakamura and Eazinakamura – Paparatzi + Mumu Button + I Dey WatchYu


Sheunakamura and Eazinakamura , their name gets me. When you hear Nakamura, You will think they are related to the sport athlete, Nakamura. They are not a duo, but they are under the same label named “Code-Red”. They teamed up to give us this amazing two tracks. “IdeywatchYu and Mumu Button” Ideywatchyu is a fusion of funky house, tech no and afro-hip-hop. Its a mad party jam. I Don’t know what genre to classify it, but I tell you, this is a pure jam, and MuMu button is sure to have an effect on ur soul no doubt sheunakamura and eazinakamura! This should blow your mind!

Enjoy …:)


Mumu Button



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