Bubbling Under | Fhanthom – Phantom Blues


Check out upcoming Nigerian singer/song writer Fhanthom with his new track Phantom Blues. Produced by Jonathan Omedi, the track is a very mellow and easy paced. Impressive vocals from Fhanthom too. Listen and enjoy.

Fhanthom is one of UK’s rising talents. Born in Lagos Nigeria, Fhanthom (real name Daniel Onwuka) was raised in a family of 4, with very high thoughts of education. At the age of 14 he found a love for poetry and inadvertently inspired by people like Shakespeare and Chinua Achebe, he began to write more songs at the age of 14.

However, growing up around different genres of music meant that there was always going to be
diversity in his music. With music inspiration drawing from artistes like Kenny Rogers, Michael
Jackson, Gabrielle, Frankie Lymon and in more recent years, Michael Buble, Ryan Leslie, Chris Brown, Frank Ocean; Fhanthom has a wide knowledge of Rnb-Jazz-Rock ‘n’ roll. He is also a huge lover of rap music.

Roll the clock a few years forward, in 2009 Fhanthom met up with producer Jonathan Omedi, with whom he formed a good relationship with and all of Fhanthom’s tracks have been produced by Jonathan Omedi.

At the age of 20, its fair to say that all hasn’t been achieved by this young man. There is more music to be made, more audiences to acquire and plenty records to break. In his own words “It’s the belief in your ability that takes you far”.

**Phantom Blues**

[audio: http://www.jaguda.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Phantom-Blues_Fhanthom.mp3]




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