Bubbling Under | El-Vee – Can’t Stop Me ft. Rob Da Rockster + Bring To The Centre



El-Vee(born Ogbu Valentine Tochi) was born on 29th January 1989 by Mr. & Mrs S.O Ogbu. He is from a family of 7(4boys and 3girls)He is the fourth. He grew up in Nsukka in Enugu state.(Thats why he always refer to him self as `Dat Nsukka Boy~) He attended University Primary school, St. John-Cross Seminary Nsukka before changing to University Of Nigerian Secondary school and now he is in University Of Nigeria Nsukka(400level)(Bsc. Health Ed.) all in Nsukka ,Enugu state.

He started rappin at the age of 16 then he was in ss2. He was greatly inspired by seeing some tenants (Charlie X,Crucifix,Jumoni and XnO then when they were in UNN) living in his fathers.That was when he realized he could do his own thing and be like them.
Then, his favourite rapper was Eminem and 50Cent(maybe because he didnt know too many rapperz). From watchin lil` Bow Wow he got the name Lil` Val but as he grew up, he decided to initialize it as L-V(El-Vee) which to him means Lyrically Venomous. He belives that he has not gotten to his peak and is still gonna get there in time.

He listens to the likes of J.cole, Mos Def, Joe Budden, Beazy, Ice Prince, Loose Kanyon, Suranu, Pherowshuz, Abdu Khali,Talib Kweli, XO Xenavoe, Jay Electronica, Common, Mode Nine and so many other good rappers. He also like the likes of Tuface, Mochedda, Brymo, YQ(he belives that a cool hook can help a cool rap)

This song `Cant stop me` is his first official song he recorded. Its a song he featured and sampled Rob Tha Rockster(internet beat hawker) from B. Planet. In the song, he mentioned all the possible obstacle that tried to stop him yet he is still going hard. The song was produced by Rob.

The second song `Bring It To The Centre` (which is a metaphor of saying Dont Drift) was produced by D`Mite

You can follow him on twitter @ItsEl_Vee_Bro

*** Can’t Stop Me

[audio:http://www.jaguda.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/02-Cant-Stop-Me-Feat.-Rob-Da-Rockster.mp3|titles=02 Can`t Stop Me Feat. Rob Da Rockster]

*** Bring To The Centre

[audio:http://www.jaguda.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/02-Bring-It-To-The-Centre.mp3|titles=02 Bring It To The Centre]


  1. I almost tot it was M.I Abaga.Gud one buh I hope u r nt tryn to be like M.I Abaga #CantStopMe

    I cant believe u said dat abt girls…Smh #BrngIt2TheCentr

  2. check out ‘bring it to d centre’.he said—
    am d banj yeah i got a long thing/
    like tiger woods yeah i make d club move/
    tiger woods,i aim 4 d hole boom!/
    trampoline,i bounce till i go boom/
    firewood,i burn till u hot uum/
    datz some +18 shit ryt dia.KEEP IT UP ELVEE


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