Bubbling Under | Cyrus Tha Virus



After wat seemed like an impasse,one of the south south’s rap pioneers drops his official singles to the much awaited sophomore album REBELLION…..comin back with a fresh new flow to expand his fan base,he launches a three pronged attack a la:

BUSY BODY….. feat fast rising R&B cat LOCCI,a seductive endearing tune for the sexy ladies dat is already gathering accolades.


EARTHQUAKER….. a club tempo song dat has a comedic twist on the physical endowment of nigerian girls(and nollywood)

[audio:04 Earth Quaker2.mp3]

I AM ……a vitriolic long overdue stake of claim at being the best Nigerian rapper alive(an assault sure to raise more than a few brows,bruise some egos and ruffle alota feathers)


Also included are album art, portraying the image CYRUS wants to be known for rather than follow d stereotype image makin n repertoire in the industry.


  1. Cyrus is back and this is a new Cyrus Tha Virus…It took him a long time to release a single since MTV Advance Warning…Good Job Bengazi 4life !

  2. ROTFLMAO…There us no difference between this dude and Jim Iyke #IMHO….Aint no brows raising, egos bruising or feathers ruffling off of that song….

  3. i bet his silence was a personal quest not just to re-invent himself, but to "drop it as its ought" as opposed to "drop it LIKE its hot"…one of the few acts that turns rap into art…remember..rap a'int all about putting similar sounding words together, its about painting images with words…its called Rhythm And Poetry…if e no be "cyrus" e no fit be "virus"!!..nuff said


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